Holiday Goodies

Yup, it’s that time of year again.  So before I dive into the not-so-healthy treats, let’s review the good foods and activities of the day:

  • Training session, 54 minutes, 490 calories, 148 avg HR (woo!) 183 max HR (bigger woo!)
  • Sushi for supper.  I had also bought some veggie soup, but was stuffed after the sushi, so that’s all

Mmm, brown rice california rolls.  Yes, it’s from the grocery store, but hey, it’s still pretty tasty!

Also, I’ve seen nut butters on other blogs, so figured, what the hell.  I bought some organic cashew butter.

I had to try a bite (“cashew butter spoon”?).  Luckily I only tried a bit.  It’s very rich, and obviously not the overly sweet JIF peanut butter that I’m used too.  I plan to try it some time in an oatmeal.

ONTO THE IMPORTANT STUFF!! BAKING TREATS!!  I’m the cookie maker in the family.  So my contribution to Thanksgiving (since everything else is taken care of by my aunts/uncles/mother/grandmother/stepdad, I get to make cookies.  I’ve been experimenting with cookies every year.  This year, I am making the Neiman Marcus $250 Cookies and the Oreo Truffle Balls.

For the Neiman Marcus cookies, I make a half batch, do not include nuts, do not blend the oats (since I don’t have a food processor), and usually don’t include the grated chocolate bar (but I did this time).  Also, I forgot to check that I had oats, and didn’t, but I did have Quaker 1 minute quick oats, so I used them instead.  Still turned out great!  Here’s the picture of the cookie dough (after making about 3 dozen):

While I was making the cookies, I also was dipping the truffle balls in chocolate.  Here is my improvised double boiler:

I also forgot to get toothpicks for dipping so I used my “pickers” from my seafood tool kit!  Finally, the finished products!  (Snowflake sprinkles!)

Also, I had extra melted chocolate, so I made stripes on the cookies!

By the way, the family secret to fluffy chocolate chip cookies is: CRISCO!  We use half butter and half Crisco for the butter in the recipe.  Makes nice fluffy cookie!

I hope the family enjoys my treats!

We’re leaving for the beach at 10am tomorrow morning (that way we will hit NYC around 2pm not 4pm).  Maybe we could make it to Bethany around dinner time!

I love Thanksgiving!  I plan on bringing the laptop, so I can update a bit.  Have a great T-Day!

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