Hark How the Bells

Another busy weekend, but bells is over!  We played at two gorgeous venues this weekend.  Here are a few pictures:

M decided to try out the crockpot first, so I came home to a cuban pork roast.

It was okay.  Very moist, but not very flavorful, considering it had been marinating overnight.  I ended up having a bit with some Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce.

My mom and stepdad came to the concert on Sunday, and my mom gave me a tree skirt that she had finally finished making for me.  TA DA!

So plan for the week:  first of all, stop with the snacking!  All weekend I was very into eating cookies at our concert receptions.  Luckily, they are finished, so no more temptation (until our cookie swap on Thursday).

Monday: running (since tap is canceled)

Tuesday: personal training

Wednesday: ballet

Thursday: lifting

Friday: running

Saturday: rest?

Sunday: lifting


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  1. Just some articles/links for you if you’re interested in some ways to maybe bump up some intensity with the running :) Not that I’m totally against it, just giving you some info on some other opinions out there.

    Step Away from the Treadmill (from NROL4W)

    Final Nail in the Cardio Coffin

    Hierarchy of Fat Loss

    If you want more (or some ideas about what maybe to do instead), I’m your gal :P

    • Very interesting. It seems like what my trainer was saying too. She said if you’re going to do cardio and strength training on the same day, do the strength training first. Then you’ll be doubly burning calories while you run afterwards.

      Maybe that’s why I’ve been seeing a lot results with my strength training program . .

      Now onto fixing that food problem. I like how it was #1 and #2 in that third article. I know it’s important. It can just be so hard.

      • that’s def part of it! Another trainer I like, Krista Schauss is a big believer in that (see page 3 “Dump and burn” http://figureathlete.tmuscle.com/article/training/earn_your_new_years_feast&cr=)

        I was more getting at maybe consider doing some intervals instead of just straight running. Like you could warm up, run for 2 min, burpees (or sprints) for 1 min, repeat, cool down for a few rounds. something like that, which really gets your heart up (and then down) is where it’s really at. It raises your metabolism post-workout much more than steady state cardio, but not nearly as much as strength training.

        Anyways, just throwing ideas out there for ya :)

  2. oooh that tree skirt is gorgous! I love the colours :)

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