Up in the Air and On the Ground

Once again, I am sitting an airport (with free Wi-Fi!).  My flight to Cincinnati has been delayed almost three hours!  They did give me a $7 voucher for food.  Never heard of that before.  I mean I got it when I checked in and my flight was only delayed 1.5 hours.

Of course I blew the $7 out of the water.  I decided to splurge at the Legal Test Kitchen.  One reason I love living in Boston is Legal Seafoods.  I know that I went wrong last week when trying to order scallops in Tennessee, and was just reminded by this TASTY meal:

Crab cake combo with scallops, shrimp, and a tasty side salad (the salad was almost the best part.  I really should make some at home with the nuts and fruits).

I may or may not have spent $50 (after my $7 voucher) which may or may not have included two glasses of chardonnay.

Anyway, hope to be up in the air soon.  I have spent my three hours eating and using the WiFi and reviewing our dance for the wedding.  I didn’t get any funny looks while dancing to Thriller and Footloose in my chair, but I might be the crazy girl on the plane.

Onto my first “book review” of 2010.  Actually I read it in 2009, but here’s my summary of The New Rules of Lifting for Women:

This is a fantastic book for a woman who has no clue what do with the free weights at the gym.  In reading this, I realized how good my personal trainer is, in that almost all of the moves were something we had done in one of the sessions.  Glad I’m getting my money’s worth.

So for me, the book didn’t really teach me anything I didn’t already know except:

  • Eating cold food burns more metabolism than warm food this makes sense, since the food needs to warm up before you begin metabolizing it
  • Lifting weights can dramatically increase your metabolism and change your body okay, I already knew this, but it was strongly reinforced by reading this book.

I hope that all of you women out there are not afraid of “the meathead” side of the gym.  I venture over there all of the time now.  And don’t be afraid to lift those heavy weights.  Your neck will not grow bigger than your head any time soon.  Don’t be afraid!

P.S. I should also mention that I did pretty well health wise today.  I had my banana+pb spoon breakfast.  I was going to go the gym in the morning and opted out in order to go at 1pm (leaving work early for my flight, guess that was useful) .  Did one of my personal training sessions which included the 100′s.  Definitely need to work on the abs.  For lunch I had some more “New Orleans Chicken” but I added some Cajun seasoning, salt and pepper.  Liked the flavor MUCH better!

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