Oh The Times They Are A-Changing

Did you hear that Massachusetts elected a REPUBLICAN senator yesterday?  While this may not be historic (wow, another white man Republican in government), it is significant coming from a very democratic state.  But I won’t talk about politics on here, since it’s definitely not my favorite subject!

You know what is a good subject . . . FOOD!  Natural food to be exact.

So in regards to other changes, in reading “In Defense of Food” and NUMEROUS healthy food blogs, I’m trying to move toward more whole foods and natural products.  First up, let’s try some peanut butter! 

Peanut butter is truly my favorite food.  I think I could subsist on it for the rest of my life.  While I wouldn’t exactly be “healthy”, my mouth would be happy.  So at the grocery the other day I picked up two peanut butters and decided to do a taste test this morning:

Jif (my usual go-to) and Teddy’s All-Natural.

Taste test:  a bit on a piece of apple.

Can you guess which one is which?

Well, in licking the knife after putting the peanut butter on the apple (who doesn’t do that?) I noticed right away that Teddy’s tasted much more like actual peanuts and was less sweet.  This should be obvious, since Jif has added sugar, and the only two ingredients in Teddy’s are “peanuts, salt”. 

BUT THEY BOTH TASTED GOOD ON THE APPLE!  I didn’t notice too much difference actually.  I think my apple to pb ratio may have been too high. 

VERDICT:  tastes pretty okay so far.  Now we have a jar of each at home.  Decisions on the morning/afternoon/anytime to be made at the time.

On another note:

Had another 6:30am training session this morning.  Again, didn’t sleep very well.  I stayed up watching the Purdue basketball game (it came down to the wire).  But luckily the session wasn’t very cardio intensive.  That’s what usually gets me (especially if I’m tired).  STATS:  47 minutes, 390 calories, Max HR 177, avg HR 139.  Not too shabby. 

And exercise put me in a great mood!  I came home, cleaned the dishes, and put dinner in the crock pot!  So productive before 9am, it’s scary!

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