Sorry to be MIA all weekend.  I’d like to say it’s because I was out having a fabulous time, but not totally.  Saturday we studied for five hours, and then played games with some friends.  Sunday I went to the gym in the morning and finally did two complete rounds of this kettlebell training session.  It kicks my arss!  Then I had bells rehearsal.

Onto the drama of the super bowl!  Well I had bells an hour and a half away, meaning that I wasn’t going to be home until at least 7:15pm.  The Super Bowl started at 6:30!!  AHH!!  Now I am definitely more of a college football fan, but there are two teams that I like to root for in the NFL:  the Colts, since I lived in Indiana for 5 years while going to college, and since Peyton Manning is just so nice and funny! (LOVE HIM!); and the Saints, since Drew Brees was the quarterback my freshman year at Purdue, when we went to the Rose Bowl.    So this was MY SUPER BOWL! (Talk about conflicted!)

Anyway, Matt cheers for the Colts, since he’s from the Knoxville area and Peyton is a UT grad.  I decided to cheer for Drew, because Peyton already has one super bowl ring.  However, I really just wanted it to be a good game.  Due to the fact that I would be home after the kickoff we set the DVR and informed all of our friends NOT to call us with any news.  (Reminds  you have the episde of “How I Met Your Mother”, right?) 

There I sat in my Purdue sweatshirt, and Matt in his Tennessee orange.  It was an exciting game no doubt.  On side kick, WHAT?!?!  And I’m so happy that Drew finally won, HAIL PURDUE!!  (Although I do feel bad for Peyton, he looked so sad).

I’ll leave you with one picture, Drew Brees, his wife Brittany, and their son, Baylen after the Super Bowl, because it’s so darn cute!

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  1. I LOVE Kettlebells (in an “I hate you too” kind of a way!!) haha! They seriously kick my butt!

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