Well, in a bit of a funk today, although I do have some great Valentine’s day documentation.   But I’m trying to escape some of reality and lose myself in comedies (currently watching “Julie and Julia”)

Anyway, here’s the video from Amy and Paul’s Wedding!!  We danced to a few songs.  I think the best parts (BY FAR) are the guys dance and “Thriller” at the end!  It was so much fun!!

P.S. Saw “Valentine’s Day” last night!  I definitely liked it.  It was a lot like “Love Actually”, which is one of my favorite movies of all time.  Plus, Topher Grace’s character was from “Muncie, Indiana”, so we got to make fun of Indiana!  (Hey, I’ve lived there, friends and family live there, even in Muncie, so I can laugh about it!) Oh yeah, and it made me cry!

Enjoy your Valentine’s and/or President’s Day weekend!

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