Three Days Weeks Gone Amok

Last week I worked three days (after working 10 straight days).  This week, I worked three days.  After the stressful day that was Tuesday, we got our calculations out and I realized that I didn’t have much to do.  Since the PE is next Friday, and I had my required work commitment, I asked my boss if I could take Thursday and Friday off to study.  He was nice enough to say yes!!  And next week I’m working three days before taking Thursday off and the test on Friday.  WOO HOO!

Since I was at home studying, Matt and I decided to meet for a lunch date at Casa De Pedro’s.  They have this incredible chicken dish that is only available at lunch time, Pollo en Brasa

Mmmm . . . the chicken is marinated for 24 hours in some sort of marinade made of orange juice, lemon juice, and annatto spice.  And of course the best part of Pedro’s is the sides . . . YUCCA!! (Matt loves the plantains)

This evening we decided to head up to the Burlington Mall for Chick-Fil-A (the only one in the entire state) which is very necessary every few months.  After supper we shopped for a new phone for Matt and then I looked for sunglasses for our upcoming cruise.  I’m very particular with my sunglasses.  First it has to be made of plastic, so it won’t get stuck in my hair when I put it on my head.  Second, I can’t look like a bug (sorry if you like that style).  Third, I won’t pay more than $15, since I lose them.  Found two pairs.  Here’s my fancy-schmancy Ralph Lauren pair from Sears that was $15 and blue!!

How do I look?

After our exhausting shopping, Matt needed some ice cream.  So we tried the new place called Shotcakes.  They take cupcakes and “shoot” a bit of ice cream into the middle.

(Tiny picture from the internet).  We got a peanut butter cup cupcake with chocolate ice cream.  Matt loved it.  I thought that the frosting was too sugary.  Interesting though . .

Nice Thursday multiple-date night!

In case those of you were concerned with the reception drama (thanks for all of your encouragement), we decided to put the deposit down, but keep our minds open.  I won’t go into the hours of discussion with my mom (and the five minute discussion with Matt), but yes, we could lose $1,000.  AHHH!!

P.S.  Check out my friend’s new blog More to Love Running.  RUN, GIRL, RUN!

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  1. I am the same way about sunglasses! I never buy a pair for more than 15 dollars either! Maybe it’s just me… but I can’t tell the difference. If someone had on a 200 dollar pair of glasses, I wouldn’t be able to tell!

  2. just wanted to jump in and say GOOD LUCK in case i dont get a chance to talk to you before the test. things have been crazy here and i’ve been thinking bout ya!

  3. YAY! I am glad you reserved a wedding venue! :)

  4. I ALWAYS break my sunglasses, so my limit is also $15. Yay Target!

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