All My Bags Are Packed

I’m ready to go.  I’m standing here outside your door.  I hate to wake you up to say good bye.

‘Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane . . .

Okay, we’re leaving on a jet plane in a few days.  But I spent my day running errands:  chopping three inches of hair off, buying shorts, picking up things from the store, braving the stupid traffic in Watertown Square . . ARGH!

Here’s my suitcase full of PE books, ready for tomorrow:

This thing has to weigh like 100 pounds!  It’s my suitcase that’s too big for a carry-on!  This represents 5.5 years of school, 3+ years of experience, and 200 hours of studying!

And here are our suitcases for cruising:

One giant suitcase, one carryon, and one backpack with ALL of the important things.  This one will NOT be checked.

Luckily, Ashley over at Bride-on-a-Budget just made an incredibly comprehensive packing list, including things that I never thought of like a first aid kit, bug spray, and a power strip!

Now just awaiting Matt’s arrival home before we begin the first leg of our journey.  I hope to check in tomorrow after the test!  Laters!

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