2010 Resolutions, Mid-Year Check-In

Well I made some 2010 resolutions and I should probably see how I’m doing on them:

  1. Read more: My goals was to read 1 book/month.  I have read:  In Defense of Food, The Right Attitude to Rain, Twilight #4, Twenties Girl, Jane Austen Ruined My Life (Both of these were beach reads on vacation), and now I’m trying to read The Dog Listener.  So almost 1 book/month.
  2. Go to church: dang, we went once and there was a weird discussion on a camp that makes people who are gay become straight again.  I don’t think it was representative of the church, and I’d like to go back.  We should really do that then!
  3. Change focus of my creative outlet: halfway there, I’m finished with handbells.  Now to find something to audition for.  Hmmmm . . . I’ve written it down, so I really should follow through on that.
  4. PE Exam: BIG OL’ CHECK!  We studied hard, we took it, we vacationed, and WE PASSED!
  5. Save Money: well I just played with money (this is what I call balancing my checkbook), and I didn’t do so well the first half of the year.  I’d like to blame the fact that I only worked 4 days per week.  However, I just realized that I have paid for about 15% of the wedding.  I have about 20% in wedding savings, and another 11 months to go!  And I’ve only touched a bit of my savings that I’d saved up last year.  And I just got a raise!  I don’t think my savings will be doing so great this year, but it won’t be depleted from the money pit that is the wedding.
  6. More trips with Matt: We took our first vacation by ourselves:  a cruise to the western Caribbean.  You can read about it in Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, and Post 4.  It was awesome!
  7. Get a dog: We have a new addition (she’s been here 3 weeks now!), Meet April
  8. Get engaged: Oh wait, I didn’t actually write this one down, but it was present in my mind! ;)   YAY FOR SPARKLY THINGS!

How have I done?  I’d say about a “B”.  Need to step up the church, reading, and dancing/acting/singing thing.

Did you set 2010 resolutions/goals?  How you doin’?

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  1. A ‘B’ is pretty good considering most people dont even remember their resolutions by this time of year! If I had experienced what you had at that church, I think it would’ve taken me awhile to go back too!

    • Yeah, I guess it’s a story of “make your goals attainable and tangible”.

      Also, with the church, at first I wasn’t sure if I was even hearing them correctly. Then I couldn’t believe that this was a topic in Massachusetts of all places! Oh well, we should try again.

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