She is one HOT DOG!

Seriously, feel bad for us my dog!  It is freaking HOT in Boston!  The high today at Logan Airport reached 100 degrees for the first time in EIGHT YEARS!  And, no, we don’t have air conditioning.  Since it’s Tuesday, April stayed home by herself today.  And I’m guessing that a lot of dog naps occurred.  She has been in a position similar to this all night:

What you can’t see in the picture is her panting like a maniac!  To help ease the heat, we have multiple fans going around the house.  Also, her water bowl is constantly being filled with ice cubes.  We switched out her hour long evening walk and short night walk so that we walked in the dark, when it was only 84, not 98 degrees!  Also, my friend reminded me of a frozen dog treat, so I picked some up on the way home:

Mmm!  Peanut butter ice cream for dogs!  She loved it. The funniest part was her trying to lick it out of the bowl, and with every lick, the bowl moved away from her.  Eventually is was stopped  by the edge of the wood floor.  Silly puppy!

Let’s hope this heat wave ends and ends soon, although I’m not holding out hope for it.

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  1. You don’t have AC?!?! Good lord…how are you managing?

  2. Poor April! I’ll keep sending cool thoughts your way. Our dog also loves frosty paws… even homemade ones! We found a recipe online and my father-in-law made them for her (it’s just vanilla yogurt mixed with melted peanut butter, and then you freeze them – I’d recommend ice cube trays, because they seem to be a good snack size… almost like a fun-sized candy bar!) Good luck getting through the rest of the week!

  3. Oh my gosh, you must be miserable without AC! Your poor doggy too. :-( I hope it cools off soon up there.

  4. Holy cow, I can’t imagine not having AC. I would not be able to sleep if I was sweating to death like that!

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