It's decision night!

I’ve decided to stay in Cleveland Boston!!

Geez Louise!  I had to switch if off of ESPN quite early tonight.

Anyway, now for a real decision that actually affects my life:  DRESSES!  You might recall my attempt to find a dress for our engagement pictures. I exchanged and got new versions of the original dresses.  So here are the latest contenders:

April was taking a nap next to a surprised Anne.  I wish I could say my face was like that, because she had just farted or something, but nope, I just made a goofy face!

Anyway, from these pictures, the sash dress is definitely the way to go.  It seems like it hits in a better place.  Now I just have to figure out how to get some alternations done.  What you can’t see in the picture is how much my boobs are truly hanging out!

And for today’s foods:  think of yesterday’s foods except for strawberries in the GM in lieu of peanut butter. (PB going back in tomorrow!  Strawberries weren’t a strong enough flavor).  Also, salsa chicken for lunch, and cereal for dinner.  Still got in a bunch of veggies.  Except for those pesky orange ones. Time for some carrots.

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  1. Dress #2 is my favorite because it makes your waist look so tiny!! The color is great on you!! :)

  2. Love the first dress Anne – the color is gorgeous. Keep up the good work!

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