Lazy Weekend

We’ve had a nice relaxing weekend.  It’s still hot in Boston, so enjoying our time in front of a fan has been nice.

Saturday I got a haircut (growing it out for the next ten months, so just a trim):

Then we saw Inception

Great movie!  Loved the end! I also found it very easy to follow.  I won’t say any more, although I don’t know how much I’d give away.

Sunday we went down to the Esplanade for the AccesSport America Mayor’s Cup Regatta.  Despite being a very warm day, the breeze off of the Charles River made it so nice, especially in the shade.

We found a bench right on the water and watched the race.

Our team did pretty well.  They got 9th out of 30!  And they whooped the women’s hockey team that they rowed against in their heat.

April also had a good time chewing on her bone in the shade:

And playing with Trouble and other dogs as well.

Dog pile!

We walked back through the Boston Garden, ate some lunch at Boloco (burritos) outside, and returned home.  Matt and April are now pooped from our 4 hour outing and taking a nap!  A tired puppy is a happy puppy!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend so far!

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  1. Trouble and Jon are asleep too :)

  2. Just found your blog. Loving it.
    And I wanted to see Inception this wkd but didn’t get to yet. Boo.

  3. I want to see that movie…glad you liked it!!

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