Quality Entertainment

Guess what I did?  I read a book!  A whole book!  In about a week!  (This means that I’ve been getting to sleep after midnight or 2am reading).  What book may you ask?

I actually started reading this about 4 years ago, but stopped for some reason.  I picked it back up and couldn’t put it down!  It’s the story of a doctor and his wife who had twins in 1964.  He who gave away his newborn daughter after realizing that she had Down’s syndrome without informing his wife to spare her the grief of a daughter with considerable health issues.  The nurse he handed her to takes the girl and raises her as her own.  It’s a very good, but at times rather sad book.  I’d recommend it.

On another note, I watched two episodes of quality television last night:  Bridal Bootcamp on VH1.  As you can tell from my blog, I’m a sucker for wedding related shows, and if you add in exercise . . . oh yeah!  These women were competing for their dream wedding.  And the two finalists lost 40-50 lbs along the way!  That’s quality tv, right?

Have you read any good books lately?  I’m always looking for recommendations, especially girly, beach reads.

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  1. It doesn’t get any girlier than the Twilight Sage. I just read the new novella that is based on a side character in the 3rd book. It actually wasn’t very good :( But if you are a fan of the series like I am, I would still recommend the read (it’s super short and can be finished in a day).

    Any of the books by Lauren Weisberger (author of Devil Wear’s Prada) are super girly. They don’t have the highest quality of writing, and once you’ve read one you pretty much read them all, but they are fun and definitely girly!

  2. I’ve been reading too!!! I’ve already read 5 books this summer, which is pretty good for me as I typically only ever read newspapers and food blogs :P One of those was Harry Potter though, so I’m not sure if that counts. I always recommend it as a read though!

    Another recommendation is Eat, Pray, Love. The chapters are short and entertaining, which makes for a speedy and fun read. I also just finished “Juliet, Naked” by Nick Hornby, which was pretty witty and entertaining. Anything by Nick Hornby always is.

  3. I loved that book – I read it a few years ago.
    I just finished reading a book called “By the time you read this” – it was very good, but I hesitate to recommend it because it was also sad. It’s about a girl whose father dies when she is 5, but he writes her a book for her to read from him from on her birthday from ages 12 to 30. Like I said – it’s a good book, just be prepared to get emotional :)

  4. I know I’m late, but I’m catching up…although this is from before my trip, I guess I forgot to comment.
    I’m currently addicted to the Sookie Stackhouse series (that True Blood is based on). They’re perfect summer reads. Seriously, I’ve gone through them like 3 times. In a month. (There are 10 books.) It’s disgusting. :P

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