Dog Day Afternoon (& Evening)

Before I start blabbing on about my dog again (are you sick of her yet?  I’m not, although maybe I was Saturday afternoon.  See below for further details).

First thing’s first:  WE’VE BEEN BLOGGED!  Sneak peeks of our engagement pictures are up on my photographer’s blog, Fyrefly.  This one is my favorite:

Oh yeah, and my wedding planner even got in on the blogging action! We’re so popular! You know what else is funny?  My mom commented on the photographer’s blog, and she told me “That’s my first time blogging!”  So cute!

Anyway, back to discussions on my dog!  DOG PARK!! I mentioned that Saturday we went to a dog park with some friends to let April and Trouble run around.  See, we’re working on her recall.  She was absolutely perfect at our usual place (four enclosed tennis courts), so we graduated to a giant dog park.  Unfortunately, the dog park is huge and has woods on one side.  I’d never walked the perimeter, so I was very afraid that there was a hole in the fence.  After meeting and playing with the dogs there, April decided to take a walk in the woods THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE PARK.  Me being an over-protective dog mommy, followed her little jaunt.  I was so afraid that we would lose sight of her and she would be off down the streets of Newton.  Have I mentioned how fast she can run?  Anyway, her recall was nonexistent, but Emily and Jon assured me that with all of the distractions, they weren’t sure if Trouble would be able to respond to being called back.  Oh well, we didn’t lose her!  Here she is after we’d been there a while and new dogs showed up!

Then she decided to wander off alone again (day care tells us that she started doing this.  I guess we have an Independent Woman!)

And the resulting scratches all overmy legs from following her through the woods.  Thank goodness I’m not allergic to poison ivy!

Tonight we went to Yappier Hour at the Liberty Hotel in downtown Boston.  It’s a pet friendly hotel, that has a happy hour every Wednesday where you can bring your dog.  There were so many people and dogs there!  Even big dogs!

That’s our friend, Rachel, with “her” German shepherd, Dash.  (She helps to train dogs that will eventually be “assistant dog”, like seeing eye dogs, etc.)  April was pretty tired and hungry from day care, so she and Matt sometimes went off on their own.

And of course the most popular place to be was near the people with food!

It was a pretty neat event, especially if you have a dog in the city.  If we go again, we’ll make sure to eat before we go downtown.  Matt was not so happy about having his dinner hour pushed back.


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  1. OMG I LOVE THE PICTURE!!!! You guys look awesome!!

    I want a dog so I can go to yappier hour! So many cute pups!

  2. Trouble was so exhausted last night, and this morning! It was blast seeing you, let’s set up another doggy play date soon. :)

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