Working and Reading

I guess working 60 hours per week doesn’t leave much free time for blogging (and is trying on a healthy lifestyle).  I think *think* that the craziness will be ending Thursday or Friday.  Remember my September goals (in one of my total of like September posts)?

  1. If you buy healthy food and keep it in the house, you are more likely to eat it! Did it, but still ate some junk while at the office
  2. “Soda free September” I like the alliteration.  Going to give soda up, for no reason other than I know that it’s not good for you, even diet. That lasted a week, then I craved the bubbles and caffeine.  When you’re exhausted your will power goes right out the door.
  3. Go to the gym 2X per week minimum Not even close.  Still haven’t made it to the gym yet.
  4. Send out Save-The-Dates CHECK!

Yeah, I give myself a D+, and that’s only because I actually did send out the save-the-dates.

How about we talk about a yearly goal that I have made progress toward: READING MORE!

I finally finished The Lovely Bones.

Really Emotional Book!

I started reading it in February right before my brother left for Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, I was crying every time I read it, and once he left, I couldn’t read it any longer.  Now that he’s back . . . I got to work!

This book was very, very good.  I forced myself to go to sleep Monday night (at 1AM) and not finish it until Tuesday night.  The book is also incredibly serious.  I don’t think that there are many comedic parts.  But I really enjoyed it.  Just make sure you have a few tissues on hand, especially in the beginning.  I guess now I can rent the movie.  It has some pretty big names in it:  Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, Susan Sarandon, and Stanley Tucci.  READ THIS BOOK!

That’s about it.  By the way, we took our jar of coins to Coinstar.  Anyone want to guess? (I should have gotten a picture of it first) $94.77.  We put it into an Amazon giftcard that we will use for either a movie for ourselves, or maybe Christmas presents.

What book should I read next? (FYI, I’m one book into the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  Easy beach read.  Sort of follows the True Blood plots)

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