Morning Hot Yoga!

I have been wanting to return to hot power yoga and complete more groupon sessions, but working 60 hours per week limits my free time.  So last night I declared to Matt “I will be going to the 6:15am hot power yoga!”  He was skeptical, and I felt like a challenge!  So when the alarm went off, I pressed snooze once, and talked myself into leaving the warm comfy bed for a hot, sweaty yoga room.

Have I mentioned how hard this stuff is?  Seriously, I went into child’s pose so many times, I don’t even remember.  My arms were killing me after the 15th down dog.  Next time I want to wear my heart rate monitor to figure out just how hard I am working.  If you haven’t tried this, you must!!  My friend told me that it does get easier, especially if you go twice per week.  Guess my morning motivation might be increasing.

Have you tried yoga?  Do you enjoy it?  Does it get easier?

Even April was getting in on the yoga act:

I finally caught her in down dog.  Isn’t she cute?

The rest of my morning was spent at the dentist.  I have to get a root canal redone (from 8 years ago) which was infected.  Turns out it is more infected than the endodontist, and he only cleaned it out.  Back next week to finish up.  But I have some nice pain meds!  The worst part was that it took a long time for me to get feeling back in my face, cheek, ear, and especially the tongue.  My tongue was the last to come back.  But I hadn’t eaten all morning.  When I finally ate some lunch, I couldn’t taste it on half of my tongue.  It was freaky!  I could have been eating rubber for all my tongue knew.  Weird . . .


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  1. Getting dental work done is so weird! I hate eating after because I’m afraid I will bite my tongue and not even feel it.

    i’ve done yoga before in a hot room, but never the bikram hot yoga. I would love to try, but I do wonder how much I’d like it. I have serious issues with working out in the heat!

  2. Aww April is so cute!!

    I have never done yoga… I just need to suck it up and try it out!

    • You should definitely try it. I definitely couldn’t do it all and was encouraged by the other people in the class who were struggling, too. No one will judge you.

  3. Is this at Core Power Yoga? Another friend just started it as well (through the Groupon deal!) and said it’s kicking her ass too. She likes it though. I’ve never gone, but I’d like to at some point soon. :)

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