Shoes . . . OMG . . . Shoes

I BOUGHT WEDDING SHOES!  I have been looking since I bought my dress.  But the only thing available in the summer is sandals.  Then the only thing available in the fall is boots!!  Also, even though I usually wear 3-4″ heels (Matt is 6′-3″ and I’m 5′-5″), I didn’t think that I wanted to wear them for hours and hours of standing at the wedding.  I found some really great shoes, but they were all 4″ heels!  ARGH!!   Anyway, I finally found some, although it was a bit of a “saga” (if you can call 20 hours a saga).  Here goes:

Sunday, while visiting with Jen and Kathleen in Minneapolis, we decided to kill some time at the Mall of America (AKA Big Dale).  I had a Victoria’s Secret  gift card to use (no I’m not posting my underwear), and after that I decided to head into Nordstrom to peruse their shoe department.  Alas, no luck.  So we headed to Macy’s.  At first it looked bleak, but then . . THERE THEY WERE. Capparos Nahla in Marine.   I asked for my size (which is a 9), but they only had an 8 or a 10.  So I tried on the 8′s.  They were too small, but they were so cute.  Here’s the picture from Macy’s in MSP:

A little snug, but cute!

Unfortunately, the shoes were NOT available online, and there were no 9′s in the Twin Cities area.  I told the guy that it was okay; I lived in Boston.  We then spent some time searching for them on the Internet (Zappos failed us).  I could only find them in black, white, or ivory.  When I returned to Boston on Monday, I felt the shoes slipping away (if they didn’t exist, I needed to move on).  So at lunch, I drove to Macy’s to find them.  Of course, that Macy’s only had them in black.  I was then told that they didn’t exist in New England in blue.  But she gave me the number of Macy’s in Danbury, CT.  I called them when I got to my car, and the shoes were on their way!



I love them!

Now I have multiple “something blue”s (shoes, garter, engagement ring).  Lots of new stuff, and I have something old.  Still looking for my something borrowed . . .

YAY!!  What do you think about the trend for colored shoes?

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  1. To follow the Kelly videos, you wanna borrow my top? Hahahaha! Just cracked myself up.

    Frankly I didn’t know there was a colored shoe trend (shocker, right?) I’d probably elect to wear gym shoes or flip flops under my dress.


    • Well, I’ll wear flip flops at some point (for pictures on the field), but you know how I love my shoes.

      The colored shoe trend is because most wedding shoes are white. And when will you wear white shoes again? So people buy fun colored shoes that they can wear after the wedding.

  2. I wore beaded magenta flip flops on my wedding day! So fun. Love your shoes.

  3. I love the colored hoes trend! These shoes are adorable.

    Stephen and I are about the same height, so I plan on wearing colored flats at my wedding.

  4. Love the shoes!! I realllllly need to get on finding shoes for my wedding!!

  5. I didn’t know there was a colored shoe trend either, but I like it! Those are adorable!

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