Christmas Season is Upon Us!

And with the beginning of December, Christmas is soon near!  We can now start using our advent calendar!

(Confession, we never actually took it down from last year.  Oops!) Since I’m unsure of how April will react to a tree and other holiday accoutrement, our decor will be minimal this year.

And we received a package this morning.  Guess what it was?

OUR CHRISTMAS CARDS FROM SHUTTERFLY!  Correction: our FREE Christmas cards from Shutterfly!  They are absolutely gorgeous!  I went with ALL of your suggestions: the first one, since it does look like Boston, but with the close up picture as the main front picture.

I really love them, and am so pleased with the weight of them.  I decided to go with a folded card, so that I could put a nice note inside.


So I spent an hour this evening addressing Christmas cards, while watching Purdue play Virginia Tech in basketball.   This is the first time (that I am aware of) of my two alma mater’s playing each other.  I decided to cheer for the undergrad (Purdue), and it was a very close game!  PURDUE WON!  BOILER UP!

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  1. Your cards look beautiful! We went for a more funny approach this year ;) you should get it soon! Miss you guys!

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