Early Christmas Presents

Since Matt and I are spending Christmas apart (*gasp*), we exchanged gifts on Wednesday evening.  I had the darnedest time thinking of what to give him.  So I ended up giving him . . . ICE CREAM! Okay, not your generic, store-bought ice cream.  I shipped up 6 pints of Graeter’s from Cincinnati.  It shipped overnight and was packed in dry ice in this container:

I love the “irresistible contents”.  Oh yeah.

Mmm!!  Peanut butter chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, cookie dough chip, almond coconut chip, and Buckeye Blitz (which makes me feel like a traitor to Purdue every time I get it).

What makes this ice cream so special?  Well it’s made in small batches using the “French Pot” process.  To make the chips, liquid bittersweet chocolate is poured into the ice cream.  However it freezes, that’s the chip.  So you usually get a few large (like 2-3″) chips!  Don’t worry, despite the labor intensive process to make the ice cream, Graeter’s is expanding!!  They should be in Kroger stores throughout the country any time now.  Too bad we don’t have Kroger in Boston (for so many reasons).

Matt loved the ice cream.  Of course, I still have to figure out his birthday present (his b-day is December 28).

From Matt I received a FLIP VIDEO CAMERA!


Unfortunately, it might not be working correctly.  So I have to go brave the crowds either today or December 26th to exchange it.

Yesterday, Christie and I had lunch with the newly engaged, Holly.  I swear she’s a professional treat maker.  She surprised us with a tasty box of goodness:

Peanut butter fudge (how did she know about my obsession with peanut butter and chocolate?) and oreo balls.  Mmm!  I had to take a picture before they were completely devoured by myself, Matt, my brother and mom.  I think Matt had at least three oreo balls on the way to the airport.

So now I’m at my mom’s for a few days.  I took April on a 3 mile walk this morning, and need to get on this whole wrapping presents thing.  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!

P.S. Be sure to check out my post on using bows in weddings on WedLoft!

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  1. Oreo balls are awesome…I’m making some this afternoon!

    And Graeter’s is probably the greatest gift ever. I’ve been meaning to order some for a while…I should get on that. :)

  2. Just a word on the Flip – I read tons and tons and tons of reviews on Amazon before purchasing one for the boyf’s sister-in-law’s baby shower. There were tons of comments about the batteries that come with it not working, and they didn’t. If you buy different batteries, that solves the problem. Hopefully you’re not having too much of a problem with it!

    • Hmmm . . that might actually be the problem. It turned off within a few minutes of me turning it on. I then charged it overnight, and it still won’t turn back on. But I can’t get to the batteries. Hopefully Best Buy will know. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Anne, I can get Graeter’s at King Soopers, which is a Kroger store. In Colorado, no less! We were one of their first test markets. Merry Christmas!

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