Wedding Planning–CHECK!

Well, we are on our way out of Cincinnati, and a few things are now checked off of our wedding to do list!

First stop:  Men’s Warehouse.  I accompanied Matt, my dad, and little brother up to get the tux rentals set up and get them all measured.  I wanted to try and go with my other two brothers as well, but they had better things to do (work and a concert, which one of those is a legit excuse?).  We are very traditional people, so we picked out tradition, 2 button Calvin Klein wool tuxes.  Matt will be in ivory.  The best man and ushers will be blue.  The dads will be in black.  The one that we chose looks like


We chose the second one from the left, I believe.

Next up: LINENS!  For some reason, Matt decided to sleep in and not accompany Julie (the wedding planner), Kathleen (MOH), and me.  I think we had a pretty productive time.  We ended up liking the blue pintuck overlays for the guest tables.


(This picture is from our mock-ups earlier this year).

And then to spice up the cocktail/dance area PINK!


The pinks look different in the picture, but they are the same color in person.  The one on the left is a crinkle, and the one on the right is a pink ribbon taffeta.

We also looked at a rentable cupcake stand:


It’s the white/translucent thing in the middle.  It also lights up!  It holds 200 cupcakes.  What do you think?  After seeing it in person, it looked kind of 1980’s cheesy in my mind, but the pictures look better.

Speaking of cake, that was our next stop.  We rushed over to taste cake with Tracy of Tres Belle Cakes.  She gave us three cakes to try.


Strawberry with bavarian cream, amaretto with raspberry filling, and dark chocolate with hazelnut filling.  When she asked about flavors that we were looking for, and we told her peanut butter, she whipped up some peanut butter filling, too!


It was delicious!  And as you can tell from Matt’s empty plate (and my plate, that he helped finish), it was ALL delicious!  I really liked the strawberry cake, too!!  What is your favorite type of cake?

We will be ordering three different types of cupcakes, so get your orders in now!  Matt and I like peanut butter and chocolate, so that’s one flavor combo. 

After eating some cake, we drove downtown to check out the directions to the reception, which we will put on the invitations.  The stadium and area around it are a bit confusing, so I wanted to poke around a bit and write down the directions for our guests. 


Confession:  we actually ended up in Kentucky once after accidentally getting back on the interstate.  Of course, there is construction, so these directions may change.  I’ll check them out right before the wedding and print off some new ones if necessary to hand out after the ceremony.

Our other accomplishment was attending our first pre-marital counseling session with the pastor.  It was a very informal “let’s meet each” meeting.  But we have some homework to do!  We were given a workbook, and should have completed it already. 


OOPS!  We only got about 3/4 of the way through.  Did you have to do pre-marital counseling?  Did you enjoy it?

All in all, a very productive few days in Cincinnati!

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  1. David and I are doing chocolate, white, and red velvet. We did cake tasting first thing. Yum! The flavors weren’t as important in our case as the baker was. We tasted three places first. Then, the fourth one was AMAZING! It was like I had never actually tasted cake before I had her cake. She does a fondant that actually tasted good!

    David and I did pre-marital counseling too. We were most concerned about the time requirements since we live 5 hours away, but it only ended up being one one-hour session. The minister gave us a short questionnaire which seemed designed for couples who had never actually talked to each other. We weren’t supposed to talk to each other about it…but we did. I guess that just shows we are meant for each other. Haha. It was okay. Talking to the minister was fun.

    I love reading your blog! It’s so exciting reading about wedding stuff.

  2. I so wish the two of us could have been in Cincy at the same time and I could have gone with you. We used Tracy at Tres Belle for our wedding cake. I lover her and I loved our cake!!!

  3. Jenny aka Colin's Mom

    Who hasn’t ended up in Kentucky when driving through downtown Cincinnati? It’s kind of a tradition in our house! ;-)

  4. Tres Belle cakes is great! She has done three of my cousins’ cakes and will be doing another this summer. If I was getting married in Cincinnati instead of SC she is exactly who I would use.

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