Everybody Likes Cake

Cakes have layers.  Everybody likes cake.  You know what else has layers.  Parfaits.  Did you ever hear anybody say, “Oh hell no, I don’t want no parfait!”?

Yeah, we quote this Shrek often.  We also used to quote it in Materials class when talking about stratified materials.  We’re dorks.

Anyway, after tasting the cakes while in Cincinnati, we have come to a conclusion!  First of all, we will be having cupcakes in a tower (maybe at tables, too not sure yet). I really like the look of this one:

However, we will have a mixture of white frosting, light pink frosting, and hot pink frosting.  I like the simple look of the swirl.  Bonus:  it’s much less expensive.  While I do enjoy shows like “Ace of Cakes”, I don’t see the point in spending a lot of money on something that will be eaten. This is a picture from Tres Belle’s Facebook page.

So like the hot pink, minus the little flowers.

And finally for the flavors:

  • Strawberry with bavarian cream filling (and white buttercream frosting)
  • White cake with raspberry filling (and hot pink buttercream frosting)
  • Dark chocolate cake with peanut butter filling (and light pink frosting).

The last one reminds me of every birthday cake I had growing up.  While my brothers had my mom making weird cakes like peach and cherry, I asked for the same thing every year: “chocolate cake with pink frosting”.

I hope everyone finds a cake flavor that they like.  And if not, too bad!

What are your favorite cake flavors?  Do you always expect white cake at weddings?

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  1. I like lemon cake, myself. I love it when weddings don’t have white cake. No fun…

    Totally loving the cupcake craze right now. Very cute and less expensive…works for me!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of white cakes at weddings either (ha, remember my/Erik’s cake?! Yeah…NOT white!) I’ve really loved cupcakes at weddings, and cheesecakes too (I’ve seen that a few times now- yum!)

  3. We’re going to have our cake tasting soon and i’m sooooo excited. I think that chocolate w/ peanut butter sounds amaaaaazzzzing, but my favorite cake combination is vanilla cake with chocolate frosting or cannoli cream filling.

  4. Have you tried BonBonerie’s cake yet? To die for — plus they give you full size pieces of cake to taste and then you get to take home the uneaten parts! Also, Bakery Hill at Cincinnati State has a very affordable cupcake option.

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