With this ring

Well, cross another thing off of the list!  We have wedding rings!!!  Matt and I went to Jared Sunday afternoon to look at rings.  I found mine right away, since I knew what I wanted.  He was a bit more overwhelmed (and the sales lady was a bit pushy), so we put it off.  We then did some more “homework” on just what type of metal he wanted, before returning to the store tonight.  We picked up mine, since it was being resized.


I decided to get a white gold band with channel set diamonds to match my engagement ring.  It is so sparkly!  But for now I’ll have to put it away, that is until we take it to the store to be engraved!!  Less than four months until I get to wear it for real.  Just practicing this evening.

We also purchased Matt’s ring.  The lady helping us tonight was much more friendly.  Matt decided to go with a tungsten ring:



He wanted something very simple and NOT shiny.  We debated between white gold and tungsten.  White gold was a bit more expensive (although that didn’t really matter), and it also could get scratched more easily, since it is a softer metal.  Tungsten is actually the strongest element aside from diamonds (carbon).  However, it cannot be resized, and if it is damaged, it can’t be repaired.  Matt liked how it felt much heavier in his hand compared to the white gold.  I let him decide; it is HIS ring after all.  We then had to get him sized and fill out paperwork, blah, blah, blah.  Matt actually has very slender fingers for a guy.  He was a 7.75! 

His should be at the store in a week or two and then we’ll just need to get it engraved as well. 


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  1. Nice!! I like it. A friend of mine has a tungsten ring and it looks really sweet, too.
    What are you getting engraved on yours?

  2. Beautiful! I love your choice :)

    I’m still undecided if I want a plain one or one with stones, but yours definitely makes me lean towards stones!!

    Congratulations on having your rings! I bet it makes everything feel even more real.

    • I think that if my ring was a solitaire, then I would have gotten a plain one. However, mine has side stones, so I decided to go with a diamond band. Good luck with your search!

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