Another Month, Another List

Another month, another list of things to do.

It’s like the list of tasks come down the queue!

Another month, another list of things to do.

At night I dream of them; it’s true!

Oh, yeah, I’m the REAL MCCOY!

It’s February and it’s going to be a BUSY MONTH!!  Here’s the updated master Excel sheet:

I’ve received parts of the invitations and started assembling them.  I even went to the craft store yesterday to pick up some more glue, so that I can work on them while we’re snowed in (insert diatribe about how much snow Boston has already received and will again get tomorrow!).  At the end of the month, we’re traveling to Cincinnati for a big wedding trip.  We’ll be having hair and make-up trials, premarital counseling, and tasting food.  Also planned?

YAY!!  My awesome bridesmaids are putting on a bridal shower!!  I can’t wait!  That means that the wedding might actually be coming soon!  Not much else to report.  Just stressing about how much needs to be done, how I need to go to the gym, how the snow just won’t quit, etc.

How about a cute picture of April?

She likes to pretend that she’s human and chill in the car.  It may be difficult to tell, but her arm is actually resting ON the arm rest.  I finally got a picture of it.

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  1. yay for bridal showers!! My invites are going out next week and it IS surreal! Haha that picture of April using the armrest is hilarious!

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