DIY Card Box

(note: I updated my Wedding Page AKA Finally a Bride!! page to be more organized.  Enjoy!)

Remember my current web obsessions?  I was really coveting this card box from etsy seller LaceyClaireDesigns.

I decided to tackle it myself.  So I ran out to Joann’s and Michael’s last night to pick up supplies:

  • 1 yard of fuschia silk shantung
  • 2 yards of wired 1.5″ wide white satin ribbon
  • 12″ diameter x 9″ tall hat box
  • Fabric glue
  • A piece of bling

First cut the hole in the lid.  I measured the hat box to find the center of it, and then used a greeting card to figure out the length of the opening.  Then I eyeballed the width of it.  I think it’s about 0.5″.  I used my utility knife to cut the opening.

Then cover the top of the lid and the bottom of the bottom. I cut a square that was about 13″ x 13″ for each, and then trimmed it so that the overhang was only about 0.5″.  I glued it to the circle and then glued the edges to the cylinder.

Then I made the strip to go around the “cylinders”.  The width of the strip should be about 2″ wider than the height of the cylinder. (9″ + 2″ = 11″ for the bottom and 3″  + 2″ = 5″ for the lid)  Now, math question:  what should the length of the strip be?  Circumference = pi*diameter.  So (12″)*3.14 = approximately 38″.  Add an inch or two for the overlap.  To make a nice crease for the edge, I busted out the iron.

Then wrap the strip around the cylinder, and glue the edge of the fabric to the edge of the cylinder.

And glue the top edges to the inside of the cylinder.

Repeat for the top.

Now time for the cutting the card slit.  I just cut down the middle of the fabric in the hole, with two triangles at the ends.

Glue the fabric slit to the inside of the top.

Put the two pieces together.  Tie the ribbon around.  Add the bling.  And TA DA!

There’s some glue spots that I hope dry a little bit nicer.

Total cost = $35 (and 2.5 hours of my time)

  • Silk – $10
  • Ribbon – $4
  • Bling – $3
  • Hat Box – $13
  • Glue – $5

The one on etsy is $57.  So I guess that’d be a savings of $22!!  WOO HOO!  And I actually bought two yards of the silk shantung (for $10/yard), but didn’t use it all.  Now I can use it for the ring bearer pillows!

What do you think?  What do you plan on DIYing?

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Posted on February 6, 2011, in DIY. Bookmark the permalink. 10 Comments.

  1. Looks great! I ended up DIY-ing a LOT of stuff for our wedding. You can save a lot that way.

  2. Super cute! Definitely a great choice for a DIY project!

  3. Wow, I like yours even better! Hot pink is where it’s at. I’m always amazed by your craftiness. If I tried to make something like that it would look all wrinkled and dilapadated.

  4. oh my goodness that’s amazing!!! Great job!

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