Yup, I have 100 more days left as “Anne H”, then I’ll be “Anne T” (after some legal stuff).  I can’t begin to tell you how many things need to be done, decided, and debited (from my checking account) over the next 100 days.  I may or may not be freaking out:

Last night I had a real, bona fide wedding dream.  It started out as my bridal shower, where I realized that we had forgotten to go to our premarital counseling session that morning.  I  was worried that the pastor wouldn’t marry us after standing him up.  Then suddenly it was the wedding, and I didn’t have my hair done.  Then the makeup people didn’t show up.  I was so worried that I looked like crap.  AHHH!!

One fun thing about the impending doom wedding is the number of packages that I am now receiving almost daily.  Yesterday I received my package with a bunch more glue for the invitations.

And today we received a shower present:

(salt and pepper shakers).

I also received a bridal shower dress.  Remember the one that I was coveting?  Yeah, I found it on ebay for $50 less than retail.  And it fits GREAT!  (you’ll see it in two weeks at my bridal shower).

On a different note, I had my training session last night, and I’m very sore.  We did this bent over single cable reverse fly that totally worked my shoulders.

I felt like I was starting a lawn mower!  She commented that it’ll make my back look great in my dress.  Now I just have to go back to the gym more than twice per week.

Lame Excuse for Not Exercising

Want to hear the lamest excuse for not exercising?  It starts with snow.  I’d really like to go in the morning . . . except . . . So you may have heard that Boston has received A LOT of snow.  Like 70+ inches this year.  For a while, we were getting about 12″ per week.  We were running out of places to put it.  Our front yard pile was taller than Matt (and he’s 6′-3″).  The snow has also narrowed the streets.  Our street is so narrow that only one car can go down it at a time.  There is currently a 24 hr/day on street parking ban for secondary streets in our town.  What does this mean for me and the gym?  Well our drive way is one car wide, meaning that we park tandem.  Usually Matt’s car is blocking my car, since he leaves before me in the morning.  If I wanted to leave before him, I’d have to move is car to get to mine.  Now this isn’t ideal, but wasn’t a problem until the parking ban.  If I want to leave, I have to move his car, move my car, and then move his back.  It’d take me 10 minutes just to leave the house!  I actually felt trapped in the other day, when I wanted to run and errand, and his car was blocking me. STIR CRAZY! Here’s hoping that the 8 days of 35+ degree weather starting this weekend will melt the snow and take away my lame excuse.

What is your lamest excuse to not exercise?

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  1. Why don’t you rotate cars?

    You’ve seen my lame excuses, but mostly I just don’t want to exercise. I’d much rather watch a movie on my couch.

  2. Yeah – jon and I do it every night when I get home from work. Plus, then you’ll really have to get up in the morning because you’ll be blocking him in.

  3. ahh! we’re officially in double digits now!!

    I hear ya girl..New York got hit hard this year too…and it’s been RULL hard to get out. I didn’t go to the gym ONCE last week..but I went 4 days this week so I’d like to think my mojo is back. I’ll come up with every excuse in the book….But I’ve really turned to my DVD’s this season and have been doing those more than ever while I”ve been stuck inside. You don’t have to go to the gym..as long as you do something..even for 30 minutes while you’re watching tv…it’s something!

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