Valentines Day Twins

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I can’t believe that this is mine and Matt’s FIFTH Valentine’s day.  And our last one as fiance and fiancee.  Fairly uneventful day at work (although I did participate in the cookie drive for breast cancer a bit.)

I came home and found a box of beautiful flowers:


I can’t wait until they open up.  I love roses!!

Then Matt and I exchanged cards.  Let’s see how compatible we really are:


Yes, we both got each other cards about farting (okay, technically his card was from April.  He misplaced his “I love you a whole punch” card.).

Yes, we also both got each other tickets to see Mary Poppins.  His gift to me was probably more apropos.  He knows that I love musicals.  And I thought that he might get me the tickets for Christmas.  So when he didn’t, I thought that I would be okay for Valentine’s.  ARGH!  See, we went to see “The Lion King” on the night that we got engaged.  So I thought that we could make it a tradition and go see a Disney musical and then return to Finale for dessert.  Oh well.  Hopefully the extraneous tickets won’t be too hard to get rid of (I already have some interest).  It is a hit Broadway musical that’s pretty much almost sold out as it is.

After the cards, we waited around awhile until our dinner reservation at 8:45 pm (that’s what happens when you don’t make dinner plans until 6:30pm on Valentines Day), and had a nice evening out.

Any special Valentine’s Day plans?  Share the love! Open-mouthed smile

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  1. haha that’s so funny you both got each other the same thing! Mary Poppins is great, you’ll love it! And i’m sure you’ll have no trouble selling the tickets.

    sounds like a successful night! We celebrated on Sunday night..and last night we ate dinner together while catching up on our overloaded DVR…it actually was perfect :)

  2. My fiance surprised me at work with flowers and took me out to lunch. I swear, he gets more and more romantic the longer we are together…I thought it was the other way around!!

  3. Pretty sure I’m the only girl ever whose husband likes V-day more than I do! I always request NO flowers on Valentine’s Day (although one year he got some some the day before, which I thought was cute!). We got our traditional heart-shaped Papa Murphy’s pizza, and watched a horror movie (which we do every year, because I like the irony.)

  4. Anne, what a beautiful bride you’ll be! :)

    I just stumbled upon your blog through PB fingers and I love it! I can’t wait to read more.

    P.S. I have wanted to see Mary Poppins on broadway forever–tell me if it’s good!

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