Three Months To Go

Are you freaking kidding me?  Three months left?  This is getting SERIOUS! 

So I made my first dress fitting appointment today for March 12.  I had thought that it would be 6 weeks before, but it’s actually 10 weeks before.  That means that I have just under three weeks until my dress fitting!! AHHH!  I jokingly said on Facebook that I can not eat for three weeks.  But seriously . . .  the weight loss has slowed as of late, however I was admiring myself in the mirror at the gym today.  I’ve definitely worked a lot on my upper body, and even lost another inch around my middle!  That’s huge for me (literally), since my waist is where those last few pounds like to linger.

After my trip to the gym (workout found here), I took April on a nice long walk (yes, I had President’s Day off).  Then I came home to finally make some mini quiche lorraines.   Here’s my healthy, protein-packed, late lunch:


Three little mini quiches (2 WW PointsPlus each), and some tasty green giant veggies (blackbeans, carrots, and edamame).  Don’t you love the monkey cupcake foils?  OH YEAH!  I ran out of plain ones.  Next time I make these though, note to self, use Pam on the inside of the foils.  Also, note to self, go buy Pam; you are out!

So that’s day #1 before my dress fitting.  Only 18 days left!  More lifting, running, veggies, and water in my future (should be there anyway, right?)

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  1. Way to go, girl! :) So exciting!

    P.S. A work out that kicks my butt and works one out well is Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. I’m not really into work out videos–but if you only have 30 minutes–it’s great! :)

  2. Wow only 3 more months! Soo close! Your lunch looks so healthy and delicious.

  3. ahh 3 months! those mini quiches are so cute , they look yummy! I had my fitting last week….and yea, my weight loss has been well…non existent. Oy…a lot can happen in 3 months though!

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