Wedding Day Beauty

So I finally got my make up pictures from my mom!


While we were in Cincinnati, we went to the make-up artist’s house for my make-up trial.  (We are using Jean Folchi).  I brought along a few pictures as “inspiration”.


I wanted a natural look.  So I googled celebrities that I felt had similar coloring to me.  I was shying away from a “smokey eye”, because I didn’t want anything overly dramatic.

Jean’s first pass looked like this:

I decided that I wanted a darker eye, so she put more on.  (For future brides, wear white or ivory to your makeup trial, and NOT bright pink.  It throws the look off!)


Apparently I did want a smokier eye!  Do you like my fake eyelashes and freshly plucked eyebrows?   She was bothered by them.  (Aside:  my eyebrows are generally great without any work, so I don’t pluck them.  I got them waxed a few times, but not in the past four years!)  The foundation looks funny up close, but I think that it’s my mom’s camera.  Also note to self, WHITEN YOUR TEETH! YUCK!


After our two hour visit with Jean (she was AWESOME by the way), we went to my hair trial at Paragon.  I told her that I wanted something up, with a part, and was sleek/elegant, but different.  Here is what we ended up with:


I really liked it, although we were a bit underwhelmed with Paragon.  My hair was falling out later in the day, which I attribute somewhat to the fact that I was wearing a coat and scarf.

Pre Wedding Day Beauty

Jean noticed that my skin was a bit dry (yay winter!) and recommended some beauty products to get my skin a bit more glowing:

  • Aveda – Hydrating Masque, 1-2X per week at night as masque, 3-4X thin layer over moisturizer at night
  • Aveeno – Daily scrub, 1-2X per week
  • Aveeno – Positively radiant moisturizer, 2X/day
  • Moisturizing is especially important at night.
  • Aveda – lip balm

I was going to tell you how my first week was going and what my plan was for using these products, but I haven’t been having too much luck.  I think that my face is revolting over too much cleansing and moisturizing, and was actually turning red and starting to burn.  Yeah, I refused to leave the house today, since it looks like I have leprosy!  I’m ceasing use of the masque and scrub until my face stops freaking out.  The moisturizer is still working though.  AHHHH!!!!  At least it’s doing this NOW and not two months from NOW!

Any other beauty recommendations?  Do you keep up with your eyebrows?

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  1. Emily Borchert

    I think she made your nose too white. Make sure she’s blending better. I don’t do anything to my brows. For face, I put unscented lotion on after every shower. For hair, use conditioner every time, use a special shower comb to brush through your hair, and leave the conditioner in for about 5 minutes while you continue to shower.

  2. I’ve found that the less I do to my face, the better it behaves. (I have some seriously weird, dry skin that still breaks out on occasion.) I wash my face at night with a gentle cleanser (I like both Cetaphil and St. Ives Olive Oil face wash—not both at once, of course). I moisturize with Cetaphil lotion. (I actually use generic Cetaphil from CVS.)

    In the morning, I just splash my face off with water. If I take a shower in the morning (which, I actually don’t get to do every day), I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub on my face. If I don’t have Apricot Scrub, I sometimes just use some baking soda as a facial scrub when I can tell my face needs some exfoliation (about once/twice a week).

    I switched to mineral powder foundation/makeup awhile back (I’ve tried two kinds, and I love them both), and that has been huge for me. I put it on even if I’m not going anywhere that day (I just do the foundation and some blush—so I’m not totally scary white). Putting it on every day seems to keep me from breaking out. I can’t explain it.

    My skin is somewhat sensitive, I think, but it is weird that I can break out as if I have oily skin. As I said: the less I do, the better it behaves. Maybe that could be the case with you?

    I sort-of keep up with my eyebrows. I only really look at them/care about them if I’m about to go into public where I think people will notice. :P

  3. I always keep up with plucking my brows. It’s the only part of me that my Italian genes show through in, so they’re a disaster if I don’t pluck. :P
    Maybe work your way up to twice/day with the skin care stuff? I know my skin always freaks out if I switch up the regimen out of the blue.

    Hair, once a week I switch to a clarifying shampoo and then deep condition after. Skin- plain moisturizer WITH SPF(!!!!) every day. :)

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