Darn You, Kettlebells!

Yeah, so, it’s pretty quiet on the wedding front, which can be a bit disconcerting considering it’s like 6 weeks away!

So how about a nice kettlebell workout?  But first a kettlebell story:

At my gym, they started a cross-fit area (formerly known as the personal trainer area).  This means that I have to be out in the gym with my trainer, which can be difficult when the gym is full.  Anyway, there’s a bunch of great equipment in the cross-fit area, such as the kettlebells.  Now when I’m with my trainer, she just asks to borrow them, and they say sure.  When I’m by myself, I definitely try to keep it on the DL that I’m stealing them.  I figured 6:30am, not many people, okay, I can just sneak in and do my workout.  SUCCESS!  No one saw me do it.  Putting them back on the other hand . . . umm . . . yeah, I got caught.  And not only was I asked not to take them, the woman also commented “There are plenty of other dumbbells and weights in the gym.  You don’t need to use these.”  Snark much?  By the way, there are many things that you CAN’T do with dumbbells that I love kettlebells for.  GRR!!  I put a suggestion in the box about having kettlebells available to everyone.  And don’t I at least get credit for facing the music and putting them back?  See?  I’m responsible!

Anyway, how about a kettlebell workout?

Now if you are looking for a new challenging move, try the windmills (you could probably do it with a dumbbell, too).


They look deceivingly easy.  Plus, I figured that I have pretty good flexibility.  Piece of cake, right? (mmmm cake!)  No seriously, I could barely get my bottom hand to my knee.  Incredibly tricky move!  Give it a try!

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  1. haha I love how much that woman is smiling doing that workout..you KN OW we dont’ smile like that doing an intense workout. DAMN that workout sounds harrd! Having worked with kettlebells they are def. deceiving. Good for you, keep it up!

  2. You should have included “clunk annoying woman over the head with kettlebell” at the end of your workout. I’m sure that works some set of muscles or another. :D

  3. I love kettlebells. At my old gym they used to keep them in the PT closet. Then I switched gyms and they keep them out on the floor :)

    • Yeah, when they were in the PT area, I didn’t feel too bad, considering I was using a trainer regularly. But now they’re in the “Cross-Fit Members Only” area. BOO!! (P.S. Love cupcakes!)

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