Bridal Shower in Tennessee!

Finally, I’ll update with the bridal shower in Tennessee.  We went down there a few weeks ago.  My mom joined us, so that she could also meet Matt’s extended family and friends.  The first shower (yup first) was for the extended family at Matt’s parents house.  First we ate:


Then time to open presents.  At this shower, I had to answer a question, which wasn’t necessarily trivia, just a chance for the family to get to know me.


The funniest part was when a card was mixed up with a different package.  At first I dismissed the papers with the card.  Then I figured out what the papers in the card were actually telling me.


This was sitting on our porch at home!  A quick phone call to my friend Emily and it was safe at their house awaiting our return!

It was a great time.  Here’s a picture of me and the immediate family.


The second shower was on Sunday at Matt’s church.  It was crazy!!  It’s a southern thing to have a church shower.  Luckily, Matt’s name was also on the shower, so guess who got to open presents with me!


There were so many people. 


And I think that our dishes were DECIMATED!


Best part about the two showers!  New ribbon bouquets!!!!


I cannot believe the generosity of Matt’s family and friends!!  We are truly blessed!!

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  1. Ohhh, the picture frame you’re holding at the family shower is the EXACT same one I have in our den, only bigger. Nice. :)

  2. Looks like fun!! Showers are the BEST!!

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