Boston Marathon 2011

Well, since I live in Boston, I knew that I should make it to the Marathon some day.  This year, a friend of mine was running, so I figured this was a great year to do it.  Turns out that I knew three people running it!

Since Matt has Patriot’s Day off (especially due to the fact that the Marathon goes down the street that his work is on and he actually couldn’t get to work), he picked me up at my office around 11 for a “long lunch”.  We drove about 10  minutes down the road and a quick walk to Comm Ave, and we were there at mile 19.25 by 11:20am!  My friend, Rachel, had given us an approximate time that she would be there (12:15ish) and I left a bit of a buffer.  At Mile 19.25 we were at the beginning of a “Newton Hill” in the Heartbreak Hill area.

When we got to the Marathon, the runners were few and far between.   We had missed the elite women, and would only see women runners ever 3-5 minutes.  About 15 minutes after we got there, we see some trucks and police cars making their way down the course.  It was the elite men!!  I actually got a picture of the eventual winner, Geoffrey Mutai:


I swear that’s him!  Zoom in!

He and the rest of the elite men went by pretty fast:


Next up, we were looking for a coworker of mine.  Thank goodness for the online tracking so that we knew about when to expect him.  Since I didn’t know what he was wearing, I just started taking a video. 

Unfortunately, I got tired of holding the camera and turned it off.  He ran by about 10 seconds later!  But the video shows the atmosphere.  It was so great!  We liked it when people had on college shirts.  I decided to take the “Bowl Game” approach and cheer for teams like Ohio State and such.  Hey, these people were doing something that I couldn’t do.  And what was the most prevalent Big Ten school?  IOWA!  Seriously.

Luckily, Rachel had told me what she was wearing, so I picked her out (she’s the girl in the yellow, #5882).


We then decided to wait and see if we could find my friend’s dad.  And we were also trapped on the wrong side of the street.  If you didn’t know, 20,000 is A LOT!

We enjoyed seeing the funny costumes, too.


We ended up not finding my friend’s dad.  He probably ran by us and we missed him. 

How did Rachel do?  Rachel finished in 3:01:25!!  SERIOUSLY!  She was #117 for women!  It just blows my mind that she can run that fast for that long.

It was a great day and a really neat experience.  An absolutely gorgeous day for a run.  Sunny and 55 with a slight tail wind.  No wonder a new course record was set.

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  1. This is so cool. I’m incredibly jealous. Since I’ve spent a good chunk of the last year reading a few running books and my Runner’s World/Running Times magazines, I’ve gotten more interested in these big races. And you were on friggin’ Heartbreak Hill. Awesome!!!

    And thanks. I think you may have just gotten me a little excited for the Pig. =)

    • Not going to lie, I teared up a few times when we first got there, thinking about what we were witnessing. It was cool!

      Good luck with the Pig!

      • Oh, I’m sure I would have cried. I’ve started doing that at these kinds of things. (I’ve even become my mother, tearing up at parades. Geesh.)

  2. Marathon Monday is my favorite day in Boston. The atmosphere is just so much fun.

  3. That’s so cool you got to see some of the race! I have never been able to catch it because I work that day and it’s not too close to where I work. I need to take the day off next year!

  4. I think it is crappy that his time isn’t considered a world record!! I would be so mad!!

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