Chicago Bachelorette, Part 1

Finally, I have the pictures to write up my Chicago Bachelorette party.  It was AWESOME!!  When my matron of honor, Amy, first suggested having my bachelorette in Chicago, I thought that it would be absolutely perfect.  I lived in Chicago for two semesters while in college.  I absolutely love this city!  It is so clean and easy to get around and people are so friendly.  Sigh . . . Matt won’t let me move to Chicago.  Something about the cold and the snow . . .

Anyway, it also helps that my matron of honor currently lives in Chicago; two of my bridesmaids grew up in Chicago; another’s dad lives in Chicago; several friends live there; and the rest of my friends live in a close driving distance.

Friday night, I flew in around 7pm (at first I was mixed up, because I input my flight times in local times in Outlook, but they were given to me in Eastern time . . . yeah, I got in an hour earlier than I had thought I would).   Kathleen, Sarah, and Beckey were waiting on me in the cell phone lot.  Well, after waiting and listening to the radio for 40 minutes, Sarah’s car wouldn’t start.  So I hung out in baggage claim while they called AAA.  That is actually just a tip of the iceburg for the adventures that these three got into while driving from Cincinnati to Chicago.  There was also an incident involving Kathleen putting her coins for the toll in the change slot.  You know the slot that gives you change . . . yeah . . . my friends had fun!

After that whole mess, we finally made it to Amy’s apartment in the West Loop.  Luckily for us, the West Loop is right next to Greek town.  So we just walked a few blocks down and found some great food.  Walking through Greek town was a bit nostaglic for me.  I used to walk from my office to dance class at Hubbard Street right through Greek town.  I loved seeing all of the buildings with the businesses written in Greek.  Being Greek in college, and an Engineer, I would always try to see if I could make out what the word was saying.  What do you think this is?


(I’ll give you a hint . . . )

Anyway, we started our meal with some flaming cheese:


I actually ordered vegetarian moussaka for my entrée.  It was DELICIOUS!


Here’s a bunch of pictures of the rest of the food.  Don’t ask me what it all was.  Most of it was absolutely fabulous!


After we were sufficiently stuffed (and it was like midnight!), we returned to Amy’s loft.  We went up to her roof deck to see the fabulous view of downtown Chicago.


Okay, so it was kind of foggy and night time.  But it was still pretty awesome!  The fog around the Sears Tower reminded me of when I lived downtown at Roosevelt University.  The view from my window was the Sears Tower, but I often couldn’t see it due to the fog.  Even though it was only a few blocks away.  It was always so crazy to me!

So that is the first night.

Next up . . . what else would an engineer want to do in Chicago? (guesses?)

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  1. OMG! I’m in one of your blog pictures! Wheeee!

  2. I have never been to Chicago but I hear it is a fabulous city!!

  3. yay! what a great view! CAn’t wait to hear more about your weekend!

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