Wedding Recap: The Gifts

I know that the point of getting married is not to get gifts, but it’s an added bonus, right?  After the wedding, my mom drove most of our shower and wedding gifts back up to Massachusetts.  She and my stepdad left them in our dining room.  Along with the rest of the stuff that Matt and I drove up, our dining room looked like this upon our return from our honeymoon:


After hours of unpacking and figuring out where to put everything, our dining room now looks like this:


Seriously those bags are full of cardboard boxes and/or trash.  (Where’d that little doggy come from?)

Now we look like real adults with dishes and crystal and stuff!


We also have enough towels for a small army!


And our card display area has been updated to include some of our wedding cards (note the number of bride and groom driving away in a car cards)


I also have to highlight some of the gifts that were not from our registry


NEW COOKBOOKS!  “All Cakes Considered”, “Cupcakes”, “Pie”.  Is it just the structural engineer in me, or are you also wondering about the bending capacity of my cookbook shelf?


Picture frames!  Can’t wait for those wedding pictures for these suckers!


This beautiful bowl was from Matt’s parents’ neighbors in Tennessee.  It’s by a local artist in the Smoky Mountains.


My cousin, Laura, got us this glass fired bowl by a local artist, Inspired Fire, in Lafayette, Indiana (straight from Boiler Country as she put it!)


Kathleen, my maid of honor, bought us this bowl.  The etchings follow a love story of two people.  It’s so pretty and I love the saying on it.

“They danced all night, their hearts racing to keep up with their feet.  Nights turned into days, and days turned into years, and they never lost a beat.”


My old handbell group, the New England Ringers, gave us this, which was actually made by Tim, one of the members.  He’s a ceramics/pottery guy (Tim Bennett Ceramics).  Of course, the first thing we did once we opened it was to take apart the lid!


My friends, Jess and Devin, gave us a set of “red dishes”, which are supposed to be brought out for special occasions.  The following note accompanied them:

“May today be one of many red letter days,

Times you’ll remember in so many ways,

This gift is a tradition for you to start – a gift of love, straight from the heart.

On days that are special that you’ll want to recall, set out the red plate to celebrate it all.

Honor the person and their great feat – on this special plate, let them joyously eat.

It may be a birthday, promotion, good grade, a Little League win, or wise choice that was made.

May your years together as husband and wife

Bring you countless special days throughout your life.

These wonderful times will come and go.

Keep the red plate at the ready as your blessings flow.”

And finally, Matt’s mom and sisters found this print while out shopping the day after the wedding:


It actually has one of the Bible verses that we had read at our wedding (Song of Solomon 2:10-17)

Time to kick back and break out the new crystal after a long few days of unpacking!


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