One Month Iversary!

Yup, we’ve been married one month, officially!  Still happy! :D

What did we do?  Well, I worked until 11:15pm last night, and couldn’t get to sleep until after 2am.  Matt woke up at 7:45am and went to the doctor for his physical.  Then we went to work!  I worked until 8pm (hooray for overtime!), and then we reviewed our newly combined car and renters’ insurance policies to figure out why our premiums increased.  It turns out, they didn’t include the safe driver discount (for Matt, since I am a speed demon still have some speeding tickets in the last 6 years).  Matt will be calling in the morning.  Aren’t we so exciting!?!

So one of my goals for the blog is to use every single wedding gift that we got.  I loved this tiny little blender and decided to use it for a green monster at lunch.

Unfortunately, I need to figure out how to put more stuff in there prior to blending.  Also, it ain’t so good at the ice chopping.  Perhaps I’ll use a frozen banana a la Julie to make my green monster creamier.

Now I’m having a glass of reisling using the wine glass favor from my bridal shower

and we should probably write some thank you notes.  Apparently, we are supposed to have them done by a month after the wedding. Oops!  We have like 40 left!


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  1. Just came across your blog and giggled at being a month late on Thank You’s. I’m pretty sure we sent ours out a solid 2.5 months after the wedding. But we ordered ours on Shutterfly and they were super cute – so it was worth it!! ha

  2. first of all, I haven’t started on a single wedding thank you. I’m waiting on our cards from our photographer! Second of all…etiquette says you have 3 months to send out thank you’d so you’re more than fine! I love the idea to blog about each of the wedding items you got! Might have to steal that from ya!

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