Lusting After TV

Well, I’ve been working extra hours, and it should continue for the next few months.  Tonight, despite the fact that I should have set some analyses to run, I decided to leave in time to pick up April at 6:45.  Since I was home “early”, I decided to make a dish that I’ve been planning for a week!  Whole wheat pasta, spinach, garlic, and chicken sausage.

First I had to boil the pasta (why does it take so long?  I know that I took thermodynamics in college, so I put the lid on the pot to increase the pressure and decrease the boiling point, but still!  It was like 30 minutes!)



and then I cooked up the spinach in olive oil and garlic. 


TA DA!!  It was a bit bland, so I added garlic salt.  YAY SALT!


The rest of the night was spent watching HGTV and SYTYCD.  Matt suggested that I move my tv viewing from wedding shows.  So it landed on Property Virgins and House Hunters.  Apropos, since we are hoping to buy a house in a few years.  Oh I wish we could do it right now.

We also watched So You Think You Can Dance.  It makes me legs start to twitch lusting after dance classes.  I basically took the last year off of tap class due to dog obedience classes and wedding commitments.  Now I’d really like to take the class.  I mean it’s 8-9 on Monday nights.  I could leave work by 7:30, right?  Hey, I might even attend a ballet or jazz class, too!  CRAZY! 

Do you watch SYTYCD?  Who did you like? 

I was really impressed with Tadd the b-boy (break dancer) doing the Viennese waltz!  DANG!  His port de bras (arms) were amazing for someone without much formal dance training!

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  1. Hey Anne! You seem to be adjusting to married life very well!
    We too watch SYTYCD. We are a week behind however. So far, I like Wadi and Melanie. Hopefully we won’t be watching a week behind the entire season.
    Love the new blog, by the way. What was the inspiration for the title?

    • Well get caught up! Actually we missed the elimination show, silly working. No inspiration for the new title, just trying to think of something clever. I do like Strawberry Jam, though! Congrats to USC on making it to the CWS finals. We’re cheering for them in Boston!

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