Honeymoon Recap: Pearl Harbor

Remember how the airline lost my luggage?  Well, I still didn’t have it when I woke up at 5:30am on our first day in Hawaii.  Since we’d gone to bed at 9pm, I missed the phone call from the airline at 11pm informing me that my bag had been located.  They tried to deliver it to our hotel, unfortunately my luggage had my maiden name on it and we were registered at the hotel under Matt’s name.  Oops!  I called them about 8am and my stuff was delivered by 8:30!

Anyway, while we were waiting on my luggage, we went down to the Plumeria Beach House for breakfast.  We prepaid for our hotel using their bed and breakfast package, so we attended their AMAZING breakfast every morning.

This was our view:

Did I mention that every time we went there the staff kept calling us Mr. and Mrs. T?!  It was crazy!

Anyway, after my luggage came and I took a nice shower, it was time to head to Pearl Harbor.  When we decided that we were going to Hawaii, I said that I didn’t care what we did, but we HAD to go to Pearl Harbor.


After getting lost and finally finding some parking (parking is limited, FYI!), we got our free tickets for the 1:30 boat to the USS Arizona.   While we were waiting for our time, we decided to go check out the USS Bowfin, a submarine.  You pay about $10 for this self guided audio tour.

(SPOILER ALERT! The USS Arizona is in the background of these photos)

Here’s the boiler and the place to sleep in the boiler room

Matt had a bit of a hard time moving around.  Being 6′-3″ he wasn’t really built for submarine life.

The kitchen was pretty interesting.  I wonder if this mixer was available when we registered for our kitchenaid.

I took this picture for all of my friends who work for GE.  (You know who you are.)  GE IS EVERYWHERE!!

The whole tour was very interesting.  I think it was well worth the $10 (which goes towards keeping the area restored).

Now it was time for our tour of the USS Arizona.

First you are taken into a theater for a video telling the story of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  Did you know that the radar actually picked up on the Japanese planes when they were north of Oahu, but they were dismissed as there were American planes due back that day from a training exercise? 

Then it was time to board a boat to be taken out to the Memorial at the U.S.S. Arizona. 


There was a map showing the sunken ship and what was visible.




There was a room which listed all of the men who had died during the attack on Pearl Harbor.


A special section was dedicated to the survivors who chose to be buried with their shipmates upon their death.


The USS Arizona as we went away.


After our sombering tour, we walked around the area on land, which had more memorials.  Of course I found some Marine memorials for my brother.


It was an amazing place to visit.  I’d highly recommend it to anyone.  My dad, who is a WWII buff, was very jealous.

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  1. I always take pics of GE stuff when I see it!

  2. What a view for your morning breakfast! You won’t ever want to come back! :)

    I think the brave survivors who wanted to be buried with their shipmates upon death is such a gift of loyalty….wow…incredible!

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