Graeters Sighting and Announcement!

Well, Saturday was a great day.  I actually made it back to the gym for the first time in almost two months.  Do you know what happens when you don’t go to the gym for a while?  You lose your fitness!!  At one point my biceps started cramping up after some bicep curls.  ARGH!!  Must get back in this habit!

Anyway, Saturday evening, we made a short (40 minute) drive to Hingham.  Why were we going to Hingham?  For GRAETER’S ICE CREAM!  Jen sent me a message the other day informing me that the incredible Cincinnati based Graeter’s had made its way to Boston!!!  Of course, Matt and I made a trip to Fresh Market as soon as we could to pick some up.  I actually had a dream on Friday night that they had run out of Graeter’s, so we called before we left.   Thank goodness I checked, because they looked as if they were running out.


And don’t worry, we brought a cooler (just purchased at CVS) for the trip!

Six pints in our basket, please!


We walked around the area, to make it seem as if we didn’t just drive 40 minutes for ice cream.  Unfortunately, this teeny-tiny mini-golf had just closed.  BOO!


So we drove home and packed our freezer full of yummy goodness!


We also picked up some sweet potato chips (we’ve been on the hunt for them for 6 months), wine, and a new leash on life for April.


Oh, and speaking of fitness . . . (remember when I talked about that earlier in the post), I have an announcement!!  I SIGNED UP FOR A HALF MARATHON!!!


OH YEAH!  Now I just have to get my 5k groove on and prepare for training to begin in October/November!

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  1. Yay! I love that you guys drove 40 minutes to get ice cream :) Congrats on signing up for a half marathon.

  2. Emily Borchert

    I used to drive 30 minutes each way for cupcakes. But then a cupcake store opened only 15 minutes away!

  3. Yay for the half marathon! This is my neck of the woods: Orlando! Please be sure to let me know when you’ll be here and if there’s time, let’s do lunch!! :)

  4. Our stores with Graeter’s do NOT have the black raspberry yet, which greatly upsets me. I’m hoping it shows up soon. Otherwise I swear I will search every Lunds and Byerlys in the Twin Cities area.

    • Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of BRC. But I felt obligated to buy a pint of it. Matt asked me if I would eat it, since he won’t. I figure someone will eat it at some point. You can come visit and eat it if you want. :P

  5. ahh! congrats on signing up for the half! doing the princess half marathon is on my bucket list for sure and I’m thinking of doing it too…I’m doing on in October in I may judge from there how I’m feeling! congratS!

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