Honeymoon Recap: House Without a Key

For our date night, after snorkeling and eating Macadamia Nut Sauce Pancakes, we cleaned up and headed to the House Without a Key, a restaurant at the Halekulani Hotel in downtown Honolulu.  One thing that was strange in Hawaii was the fact that the sun set around 7pm.  (Why aren’t they 5 hours behind the East Coast and not 6?) So we had to hurry before it was dark.

The view was amazing.  The restaurant is open air (like much of Hawaii) and we faced west.  Not only could we see the sunset, but also the entertainment.


That would be traditional Hawaiian music and the Hula dancing of Miss Hawaii.  This was Hawaii.

What did we eat?


Matt ordered Ahi and Pasta.  Unfortunately, he didn’t consult with me before ordering, or I would have told him that Ahi tuna is not fully cooked.  He wasn’t exactly excited.


I got the catch of the day.  Deliciouso!  Notice the drink on the left?  That would the Mai-Tai.  The House Without a Key is famous for them.  After one sip, we figured out why.  Holy cow was it a strong drink!! We ended up staying later, relaxing, and ordering dessert (such a sacrifice), so that Matt could drive home.

It was a beautiful date night.


Ignore my sunburn.

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  1. I didn’t know tuna was partly raw either! Awww Poor Matt. :/

    Hawaii looks like a dream honeymoon!! :)

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