Honeymoon Recap: Waikiki & Expensive Dinner

When we decided to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon, my best friend from middle school (who I hadn’t seen since 9th grade and recently moved to Hawaii) asked if we could meet up.  We met down at Tiki’s Bar and Grill.  We ate outside and caught up on our lives in the last 14 years.  It was great.



While we were eating lunch, Matt was doing his laundry at a laundromat.  Oh yeah!

Since we were already on Waikiki, we decided to take a walk along the Waikiki beach walk.


There are a bunch of bronze statues and we learned all about Hawaii’s past.DSC03432DSC03433


We found interesting trees.


And Hawaiian ice!!


We then walked up to the Hilton Hawaiian village to check out the wildlife!


Flamingos (or Penguins if you’re Kathleen), Penguins, and Turtles!!  OH MY!

After walking around, we got cleaned up for a fancy dinner at the restaurant at the Kahala, Hoku’s.  First up an amuse buche of tuna with roe on top. (I actually really like how crunch roe is!)


Matt wasn’t so sure about it


What is this and why is it in a funny shaped plate?

We then ordered the Wok Fried whole fish special, which is Red Hawaiian Snapper.  Yup, we got the WHOLE FISH!


We were ready to dig in! It came with rice, vegetables, and three different sauces!




Of course we had to get dessert!  They gave us a tasty pudding cake, since we were celebrating our honeymoon.  And we also got a chocolate brownie sundae.


This was seriously one of the most expensive dinners I’ve ever had.  At least, we “pre-gamed” upstairs in our room.  It’s crazy when up in your room you have the same bottle of wine that they are offering at the restaurant by the glass (for the same price as the entire bottle.,  Anyway, it was an absolutely fabulous dinner and a great final day in Oahu!


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