Honeymoon Recap: Maui and the Road to Hana

I realized that there are so many pictures, the Road to Hana will be split into two parts!

Well, we arrived io Maui Friday evening.  We stayed at the Fairmont Inn in Wailea.  The rooms are suites with a bedroom, living room, and huge bathroom.





It was gorgeous and spacious.  After travelling and doing stuff for the past five days, we ended up just chilling on Saturday.  Truth be told, we may have watched a movie or two on Comedy Central before heading to the beach by 4pm.  Yeah, we’re lame.

The Road to Hana

One thing that we wanted to do on Maui was the road to Hana.  A windy road full of stops along the way.  Below is the route from our hotel to Hana.  It’s 64 miles and 2.5 hours!


We followed the route suggested in our Frommer’s Guide.  First up was Hookipa Beach Park, a popular surfing destination.  See the surfers down there?


Following the Frommer’s guide, we found a hidden drive down to Malika Bay.  We even saw a mongoose run across the steep dirt road. 


What do you think about our awesome ride in Hawaii.  We decided to get a convertible, and when Matt saw the choice of a Mustang, he jumped on it!!

Then began the curving, winding, sometimes one-lane road.  We found the hidden little town called Huelo, which is hope to the Kaulanapueo Church, built in 1853.



On our drive out, we drove past a few small houses.  A lady was standing by the road and approached us as we drove by.  Being a cynical person, I assumed that she was trying to sell us the flowers in her hands, but she actually was just saying “Aloha” and gave us this beautiful bunch of gardenias.


They smelled amazingly!  Such an amazing Aloha spirit!

The next stop was Waikamoi Ridge Trail.  We took a quick 20 minute (0.75 mile) hike in a loop.  It offered some amazing views of the Eastern Side (AKA Windward) of Maui.  It is suggested as a great family hike, and I totally agree.  Although watch out for the sides of the trail.  There aren’t exactly hand rails.


Because it had been a few hours since our last pit stop, we decided to stop and go to the bathroom.  (Notice how the sign above points out that the next rest stop is in 3 miles?)

Unfortunately, the facilities at the Kaumahina State Wayside Park were lacking in a few necessities (e.g. toilet paper), but there were plenty of cats and chickens.


And there were plenty of gorgeous views (where are there NOT gorgeous views in Maui?)DSC03513DSC03514DSC03515

Another hidden dirt road led us down to the Honomanu Bay county Beach Park, which gave some views of a gorgeous valley.


WHOA!! It’s like Lost and Jurassic Park!

The Keanae Arboretum was the next stop, and we saw some very interesting trees from all over the world.




You can see that the names of the trees were fitting.  Above is the “Painted Gum” (see those neon colors?  Those are totally natural!).  And below is the “Blue Marble Tree”’s fruit. 


And why is there a random iron gear in the middle of the jungle?


Look a lizard!


And an old, rusted car!


Okay, this is getting to be too long.  We’re about half way through the drive to Hana.  Come back for Part Deux!

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