Honeymoon Recap: A Helicopter Tour of Maui

On our final day in Hawaii, we decided to take a Helicopter tour of Maui.  It was kind of scary, since it’s only 6 people in a small aircraft.  But we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We decided to book through Blue Hawaiian.  First we watched a safety video, then we took our seats on the helicopter.  We were arranged by weight.  In the front was Matt, the pilot, and I.  In the back was a couple from Australia with their two sons (4 and 2 years old).  They had great accents!  And the mom was 5 months pregnant with their third boy!

Oh  before I talk to too much, here’s a picture of Maui.


While Maui is one island, it’s actually two volcanoes, that rose out of the ocean and made a singular island.  It’s also kind of shaped like a head and shoulders.  We started in south -western Maui, where we could see our hotel, the Fairmont in Wailea.  Then we went around Haleakala (remember our sunrise at the volcano?) Afterward we saw southern Maui and the seven sacred pools.  Essentially the parts of Maui that we didn’t see during our drive to Hana.  Finally we took a brief visit to Western Maui near Old Lahaina.  Matt had the camera.  So any time the pilot said “Waterfall”, Matt took a picture.  I also enjoyed the pilot’s music selection.  He went from “Jurassic Park Theme” to “Over the Rainbow” at very appropriate times.  We also learned things about the island.









Above are the mountains of western Maui.  It just looked so amazing!

I took a few videos, too. (Obviously, I was in charge of the video camera)

Western Maui, look to the right to see Wailea, the location of our hotel.
A bunch of waterfalls and rainbows
Western Maui
Kihei and the Maui Airport

While the helicopter ride was a bit expensive, it was so cool.  Definitely something that was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  We both enjoyed it.  And whenever people ask me what my favorite part of Hawaii was, I always say “The Geography”.  Isn’t it just amazing?  I mean if it weren’t for these volcanoes coming out of the ocean, Hawaii wouldn’t exist.  The landscape is just amazing.

Hooray for riding helicopters!


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  1. I think you have to do something like a splurge like that on a honeymoon! I have always wanted to do a helicopter ride. Seems so cool to see things from the view. And what better place than Hawaii? Wow!

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