Honeymoon Recap: Meals on Maui

Well, we must have worn ourselves out on Oahu, (Pearl Harbor, Polynesian Cultural Center, Diamond Head) because we didn’t do nearly as much on Maui.  Truth be told, we lazed about a bit, watched a bunch of ESPN (come on Tressel resigned while we were on our Honeymoon, how could we not watch?).  So here are the highlights of some of our meals on Maui.

Since we were on our honeymoon, the Fairmont gifted us a bottle of wine for dinner at their restaurant, Ko, which is known for its “plantation cuisine.”  We made our dinner reservations for 7:00pm, since that’s right around sunset.

Hi Matt!


For our complimentary wine, we chose a sparkling wine.  It was rather celebratory.  The meal started with some rice cakes and some sort of bean dip.  Matt was leery of the bean dip.


I chose the daily catch (some local white fish) with a Macadamia Nut Crust (everything in Hawaii was Macadamia nuts, and I ain’t complaining!).  On the side was some mashed taro (purple sweet potatoes).


Matt opted to branch out from the fish and enjoyed the Korean Spicy Chicken.  I think he was lusting after my fish though.


During dinner, a little lizard decided to join us.  Unfortunately I wasn’t quite quick enough with the camera.  Do you see him there?  LOOK HARDER!


For dessert we had a chocolate mousse cake and a chocolate baked custard with macadamia nut crust and strawberry sorbet.  Both were absolutely delicious!  The final touch was some crystallized ginger.  It was surprisingly spicy!


Matt wasn’t so sure.

We also visited the other restaurant at the Fairmont, Nick’s Fish House. We started with some fruity drinks.


I got some sort of mango pineapple frozen daquiri, while Matt stuck with a Pina Colda.  Both were yummy!  Then for dinner a ordered a scallop in cream sauce pasta.  So stuffed after that!


The funniest part of this dinner was the family next to us.  They were British.  When the son (about 8 years old?) was asked by the waitress how he had liked his fish, he replied “It was lovely.”  SERIOUSLY!  Imagine that coming out of a small 8 year old boy in a British accent.  You’d better be laughing now!  Matt and I were trying not to laugh out loud.  Other funny parts were the fact that we were eating at around 9:00pm, and the kids were getting were getting tired.  So the staff brought over two resort chairs for each kid, and made them a little  bed out of them.  So funny!

After our Helicopter Tour of Maui, we drove to Old Lahaina.  We stopped for some dinner/lunch (lupper?) at Kimo’s, which is an institution.  It sits right on the ocean.  While the food wasn’t the greatest ever, the drinks and view made up for it.  I had forgotten the camera, so all you get is a video.  Matt really doesn’t look pleased in this video.

And with that.  Our honeymoon recaps are over.  I hope that you enjoyed them!  Guess I need to start working on those wedding recaps. 

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  1. Hahah “it was lovely” that’s funny and that mango frozen daiquiri looks amaaaazing!! i want one!

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