Wedding Recap: Getting Ready

Well, after our awesome rehearsal dinner, we returned to the hotel, where I felt like a chicken with its head cut off for a few hours.  I had to organize stuff to take up to the honeymoon suite, take somethings downstairs to the lobby where Matt was hanging with his friends, retrieve stuff from the honeymoon suite, and finalize our slideshow.  At one point, I remember standing in the lobby realizing one more thing that I had to do, and I just crouched down behind a sofa all flustered!  It was exhilarating and stressful all at the same time.  I had four of my bridesmaids, as well as my great friend, Mellissa, sharing two adjoining rooms that night.  Finally, around 12:30am, Jan declared that we should go to bed.

I read a bit of a book, and then actually drifted off to sleep.  I didn’t realize how exhausted I was.  I slept pretty well, surprisingly.  Usually, I’m too excited to sleep.  I woke up at 6:45am, about 15 minutes before my alarm, and decided to get ready for the day.

For those of you planning weddings, here is one thing that I absolutely loved about that morning.  I had hair and makeup people come to the rooms and relaxed with my girls for about 4 hours.  It was marvelous!  If you can do it, I’d highly recommend it.

Our hair people (Kelly Whitaker, who actually did my friend Allison’s hair for her wedding, and Sarah Stears) arrived just before 8am.  Meanwhile, I had run down to my car looking for my white flip flops, to no avail, and Sarah ran over to Brueggers for bagels.

Let the getting ready commence! First in the hair chair was Brooke (always punctual!) and Amy.  Then came the girls from Minnesota, Jen and Jan.

From the back.

Both of them had super cool hair! 

While they were getting their hair done, the makeup people (Jean Folchi) arrived.  So Amy and Brooke hopped up in the chairs in the other room.


-Next in the hair chair was me.  You know, the Bride! 


Oh yeah, and Sarah, the bride for NEXT May!


After a few checks of the back


The finished product!  I’m sure that this is the best picture of my hair from the whole day. 


Or this one, which also shows my awesome ensemble!

249411_742463560306_39503437_37361889_6232995_n copy

Meanwhile, back in the makeup chairs, Jen and Jan were getting beautifed!

227195_742462702026_39503437_37361862_6050411_n copyIMG_1631

Okay, those are both Jen.  But I swear Jan’s there.  She’s just a tiny redhead.  We lose her sometimes.  Until she opens her mouth.  Then she is easily found.

While Jen was getting her makeup done, her Mom and 10 month old daughter dropped by.  Adele is seriously the cutest baby in the world!

229340_742462901626_39503437_37361868_4752716_n copy

Wait, who’s that in the bed?  It’s Mellissa.  She was in and out of consciousness during all of this craziness.  At one point, we were talking about fast food places we liked.  She woke up to exclaim “I LIKE CHIPOTLE!” and then go back to sleep.  More cute pictures of everyone hanging out.

250401_742463201026_39503437_37361878_2203409_n copy249834_742463026376_39503437_37361871_604233_n copy


Not too many shots of Amy.  She was running around the hotel trying to find my “missing flip flops”.  She even went up to the honeymoon suite to check my stuff.  She let herself in with my key, and Matt was in the shower.  She was praying that Matt wouldn’t come out.  It was so funny! 

Anyway, I couldn’t find my flip flops.  I even sent my mom back out to my car and then to her room to look for them.  It was actually a good task for my mom.  She had a bunch of nervous energy, and it gave her something to focus on. I only needed them for pictures on the football field.  My hairdresser was very surprised at how calm I was about it.  Eh . .  what could I do?  If it were my dress or veil?  Yeah, I’d be freaking out!  Well, we called Kathleen’s mom, to see if I had left them at Kathleen’s house.  Nope.  So we were just about to send her out to the store to buy another pair, when VOILA!  I found them.  They were in the closet.

Speaking of Kathleen, her turn had arrived to get her hair done.

IMG_1625248293_742462632166_39503437_37361859_1019541_n copy

The girl has a ton of hair, so she was pretty impressed that Sarah the hair stylist did such a great job!

I moved over to the make up chair to get beautified.  Jean, the makeup artist, did a great job of covering the red skin caused by my eye brow waxing (Yeah, the eye brow waxer really irritated my skin on my left eyebrow.  It was peeling at one point.  I was kind of pissed!)  Anyway, a quick stroke of the airbrush foundation, and it disappeared!

250208_742462831766_39503437_37361865_4370964_n copy250501_742463121186_39503437_37361875_7398266_n copy

The finished product. (Kathleen’s with her mom on the phone in the background.  Thus her face asking her to find my “missing” flip flops.)


YAY!!  I’m getting married!

Side note: I wish that I had a picture of the view out of the window from the makeup chair.  Maybe it’s because I stared at it for 45 minutes, but I think I will always remember it.  We were looking straight south at the Roebling Bridge and the Ohio River.  With a little bit of Paul Brown Stadium on the right side.  I kept looking at the Paul Brown thinking “My planner is down there right now getting my reception ready!  AHHHH!!!!”

Kathleen’s turn in the beauty chair.

246910_742463355716_39503437_37361883_1141177_n copyIMG_1633

Meanwhile, Matt’s sisters had arrived to get their hair done.


Next thing you knew, it was time to pack up and head out!!  Oh yeah, and shave my armpits(which required borrowing Kathleen’s razor and deodorant, since mine was up in the honeymoon suite!) 

Don’t forget to write the checks! 

249810_742463265896_39503437_37361880_2067256_n copy

And we gathered everything to go down to the limo!

I took a few flip videos that are a bit funny. 

Amy, my mom, Kathleen, Mellissa, and Jen

Mellissa sleeps through it all.

Matt’s mom and sisters

We left Doug to pay the bill!

This one speaks for itself!

underwear discussions


Anyway, just like that it was almost 12:30!!  We went down to the lobby, ran into some family members, and got into the limo! 

Going to the chapel, ‘cause we’re gonna get married!

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