2012 Resolutions

Wow, it’s that time of year again.  My 2012 resolutions are going to be eerily similar to last year’s.  I guess I should review them more.

1.  Read more:  well one book down!  I got so many books for Christmas (Violets of March, American Wife, the new Jennifer Weiner, and the first two Hunger Games.).  I already finished Violets of March and I can’t wait to join the discussion with Julie.

2.  Attend church: somehow sleeping in and running with the dog has trumped any sort of church attendance.  That’s not good.  So Matt and I have a date to try out a church this next Sunday.

3.  Get on a better schedule:  I have been working CRAZY hours the past month or so.  Seriously 50-60 hour weeks.  In my office, we are typically “work at night” people (thus why I stayed until 5am a few weeks ago), so I’ve been getting in at 9:30/9:45.  I don’t like that.  I should be aiming for 9pm.  This means going to bed before, say, ONE AM!!!

4.  Make more meals at home:  To save money and eat more healthfully, we really need to do this more.  I’ll try to post some of our meals and maybe even some planning.  (WHAT?!?!  PLANNING!?!)

5.  Run a half marathon:  The tickets are bought!  Disney Princess Half MARATHON!!  I’m 4 weeks into training.  I think I need to be a bit more strict on the training.  I’ll be glad of it in 8 weeks.  I have a time goal, although we’ll see how realistic it actually is. 

6.  Go to Europe:  I haven’t been there, and neither has Matt.  We have plans to go this year.  Especially since I have a cousin in Paris and Matt has a friend at Oxford!!

7.  Buy a house:  That whole saving money thing . . . yeah, it has a purpose.  We’re looking into being first-time home buyers, starting with reading a book (I couldn’t find the book “Home Buying for Dummies” at the Library.  Matt laughed at me and thought it was ironic).  And this week we start a 4 week course on First Time Homebuying. 

8.  Be more green:  Not sure what this all involves and perhaps more ways will be implemented once we buy a house and can do things (e.g. compost).  But I’d really like to cut down on our waste and energy use.

9. Finish wedding and doggy 5k recaps:  This is embarrassing.  I need to do that.


That’s it for now.  Do you have any resolutions?  Or goals?

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  1. Aw- the Disney Princess is one I really want to do! Mostly to wear a tiara and tutu as I run. Guess I could honestly do that now, but it’d be more fun in Florida…

    Church is something I should work on as well. It wouldn’t hurt for me to go a little more often than I do. Truth.

  2. Great goals! We bought a house in 2011, so one of my main goals for this year is to get it fixed up!

  3. If you guys make it to the UK, you’ll an award for the first of my friends in the US to come visit me, ever :)

    • Well, you need to talk to Matt! We decided that we’re going to come to London/Paris the week of Memorial Day (May 25 – June 3). We haven’t made any official plans, but I told him to talk to you about what your schedule would be! YAY!!! :D

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