Almost Halfway There!

Well we’re 5 weeks into my 12 weeks of Half Marathon Training!  And I just finished 6 miles.  That means that we’re ALMOST halfway there. 

I completed my 6 miles in 1 hour 12 minutes.  If you do a bit more math . . . pretty easy math if I do so say myself . . . that’s 12 minutes per mile! 

I actually felt really great.  I ran the first mile pretty fast.  Who doesn’t run too fast out of the gate.  Then I ran into a herd of corgis!  I wish I had my camera, because they were adorable.  It was 6 corgis (1 mom, 1 great aunt, 1 great uncle, 1 grandma, and 2 6 month old puppies!!) I see April’s face in the corgis, and they just make me smile!

April_WWCorgi dog on white background

Anyway, back to the running . . .  How could you not be distracted by the cuteness.

So I struggled through the second and third miles, but then I felt like I hit a groove.  Maybe it was mentally thinking that I was halfway there.  Maybe it was finding out that I’d much rather run a 10-11 minute mile, although I couldn’t maintain it for too long.

Of course it wasn’t all roses, I started getting another side stitch. I’ve been getting them in my right neck/shoulder.  I talked to my friend, Kathleen, who just started running 2 years ago, and went through a lot of this already.  She said that side stitches are probably related to being dehydrated.   Therefore I drank a lot of water this morning/afternoon.  Also, I learned to breathe through it push my air out through pursed lips.  The stitch would then come in and out and I ran through it!  VICTORY!

And for those of you wondering about the blister count . . it’s up to two.  The one on my right instep is finally healed, so my left foot got in on the action.  But I bought some moleskin and will just run through it.

Here’s my running (with walking breaks) synopsis:


I’m proud of my final mile.  I told myself to have a negative split for the last mile and pushed out an 11:26 min mile.  YAY!!

This really gives me hope that I might actually be able to do 13 miles.  I didn’t feel totally gassed at the end.  If it weren’t for that stupid blister, I wouldn’t have been hobbling home, either.


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