Another great run tonight!  4.5 miles @ 11 min/mile!  It’s amazing to me how quickly it feels like my body is acclimating to longer distances.  I guess this means that I should trust in the training program.  IT WORKS!

You know what is one of my most favorite things about running?  How much it lengthens your muscles!!!  I’d been really lax about my stretching routine for the past year and have been focusing on it throughout my training.  Running makes my muscles so long and pliable.  LOVE IT!

Since I’ve danced my entire life, I have my stretching routine down.  Here is generally how it goes:

Stretches in second

stretch (source)

Right, Left, Center, OH YEAH!  Pretty much follow what I have linked.  You’ll be a dancer in no time!

Runner’s Stretch Sequence

stretch2 (source)

Be sure to keep your knee at a 90 degree angle!!! 

Put your knee down and push your hips forward, and you can get a great stretch on your hip flexor. 

hip_flexor_stretch_214__1 (source)

Hurts so good!!

From there I like to straighten both my legs and get a great hamstring stretch.

stretch3 (source)

What was this sequence leading up to?  THE SPLITS!!  (Almost got them all the way back, 1/2” away!)

splits (source)

Notice these are the side splits, not straddle splits.  Heck no!  Those just don’t happen for everybody.

Straddle Split Stretch

I do however enjoy stretching my inner thighs with this stretch.  Just not forcing it.

FLEX-groin-stretch-seated-straddle (source)

Sun Salutations

Finally, I’ve been adding in some sun salutation stretches (like down dog.  April has inspired me!)

SunSalutationFinal (source)

Of course these are all mostly lower body stretches.  I don’t normally stretch my arms/upperback/pecs/etc. unless I have done strength training with those muscles.  I mean, come on, I’ve been a dancer.  We focus mostly on the lower body, perhaps to our detriment. 

What are your favorite stretches? 

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