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When I decided to run the Princess Half Marathon at Disney World, I chose it for two reasons: one being the wonderful things that I’d heard about the race, and two I GET TO VISIT MY FRIEND!  One of my best friends from college works for Disney, so I’ve been meaning to visit her for years.

Our day flying down to Orlando started out bright and early.  I didn’t really sleep the night before, so I’d hoped to get some shut eye on the 7am flight.  I think that I dozed a bit, but apparently there are lots of kids on direct flights to Orlando and they are way too energetic that early in the morning.

After landing in Orlando, we made our way to meet up with Kathleen and Mellissa for lunch and picking up a few things at the Sports Authority before going to the Expo.










There were some characters at the expo.











That is a man.  And it’s a bit difficult to see, but he is wearing skinny jeans, high heels, a pink leopard print shrug, and Hellraiser hair.  We followed him into the expo and had fun with all of the attention.  The footmen at the carriage outside even asked “Why doesn’t Cinderella let us do our hair like that?”  CRAZINESS!

After the expo, we checked into our Port Orleans Resort.



Our first park we hit up was Epcot.  While Mellissa and Kathleen were enjoying the beer of Germany,


Matt and I were enjoying the 7 Dwarfs, like Dopey


And Sleepy (didn’t have to act that much)


We walked over to the ESPN Wide World of Sports to watch Purdue beat #13 Michigan (YAY!) and then came back for our fast pass on Test Track.

We parted ways so that I could set everything out for the race and get to bed at a reasonable time.  Alas, I have not gone to sleep before 11pm since I was 12 years old and being exhausted made no difference.

Sunday morning, I woke up and, ya know, ran 13.1 miles.  After the race, I made my friends ask me “Anne, you just ran a half marathon, what are you going to do next?”  I screamed “I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!”

After a brief amount of stretching, a shower, and some beignets, we made our way to the Animal Kingdom.


The last time that I was in Animal Kingdom was 2000, and there was only a few attractions.  Of course, we still had to go on the Safari again. Here are a few of the fun pictures from that.


We also took a picture with King Louie and Baloo (prompting a rendition of “Bare Necessities” while waiting in line).


King Louie tried to come over and congratulate me on my medal.  Although we were all confused what he was gesturing at and thought that he was groping me.  Okay, not really. We figured it out, and he gave me a round of applause. I wonder how frustrating it must be to be in one of those costumes and not be able to speak.

We also rode the highlights of Animal Kingdom including the Dinosaur ride, Bug’s life, and Expedition Everest.











Clearly Matt was excited about the roller coaster!  (Kathleen has a pretty good face, too).

Funny story: as we were leaving the park, we were approached by a Disney researcher to take a survey on dining.  Mellissa initially agreed, but couldn’t partake, since she works there.  So we took it instead.  While we were back in the computer alcove, there was a family also participating.  The 8 year old son kept bothering his dad “DAD!  ARE YOU FINISHED!?!  GO FASTER!?!  I’M READ TO GOOOOO!!!!”.  The dad finally told his kid to “Shut up!”, to which the kid responded “You fu*king shut up!”  We snapped our heads around and the kid was dragged away by his mom!!  TROUBLE!

Anyway, after the park, we returned to our hotel to take a nap (all of us had been up since ‘o’ dark hundred hours).  Then we went out to dinner.  My left ankle stiffened up while I was sleeping, and getting up and down stairs started to hurt a bit more, but I managed.  Next door to the restaurant, was a Menchi’s.  After hearing all about it in the blog world, I knew that I had to try a bit.


Chocolate, vanilla, and cake batter with reese’s pieces, nonpareils, and mini pb cups.  DELICIOUS!  Maybe it’s good that this doesn’t exist in Boston.

Monday, after a very nice sleep, we made our way to Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM Studios).  I don’t have too many pictures, but we rode the Aerosmith Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror (did you know that it’s different now?  It doesn’t just drop twice, but there are 900 different combinations of ups and downs!?!), Muppets, The Great Movie Ride, and the newest attraction MIDWAY MANIA!  If you go, get a fast-pass for it right away.  It’s a new ride based on Toy Story where you get to shoot things and play against your car partner!  SO MUCH FUN!  Our only picture from Hollywood Studios is of Matt and a Mickey cookie.  Mellissa knows the way to his heart.


We then hopped on the monorail to get over to the Magic Kingdom.


Oh yeah, so I wore my medal all over the parks on Sunday and Monday.  Heck yeah I was showing that thing off!!  Plus it helped explain why I might have had a hitch in my step.  Truthfully though, I was walking fine on Monday.  Just felt a bit sore, as if I’d worked my legs out hard.

We got to ride the renovated Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain (which went way faster than I remembered), Splash Mountain (apparently a full car of 8 adults makes a lot of splash, we were soaked!), and probably some others that I can’t remember.  We also rode a Buzz Lightyear ride that was the poor man’s Midway Mania (it was the prototype).














I have a really strange look on my face, because I was trying to figure out why I was winning by so much.  Immediately when the ride started, my laser jumped up to 300000 points.  It was perplexing.

Kathleen bought a Jessie hat.


See how wet we were?

On Tuesday, we had all day to kill.  Kathleen left that morning, and we had to meet up with Mellissa to return her toll transponder.  So we decided to spend a bit more time in Epcot.

I recreated a picture from my last time at Epcot (senior year of high school) with my Physics II loving friend, Mandy.


Matt enjoyed seeing the sharks at “The Seas” with Nemo, as well as Shrubbery Eeyore.


And I finally got to drink at Disney World!  We decided to practice for our upcoming trip to Paris by sampling local cuisine.


I stuck with Champagne, and Matt tried a chocolate Crepe (and Coke, that’s French, right?).

After spending all day in Epcot, we rushed over to the airport to fly home.  Sad smile  We were so lucky over the four days.  The weather was amazing (60 and overcast on race day and finally 80 and sunny two days later).  The parks didn’t seem incredibly crowded.  The longest that we waited for a ride (due in part to fast-passes) was about 30 minutes.  Mellissa was an amazing tour guide.  She knew which rides to rush over to fast passes and made us incredibly efficient.  It was a great four day vacation, including that half marathon.  I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wanted to try for a half and also loves Disney!  YAY!

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  1. I saw that man at the expo too! Race morning his hair was EXACTLY the same, think he even went to bed?! It looks like so much work!

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