More Princess Stuff

So, the pictures and video are in!!  There are two videos at this link.

First a video of me crossing the finish line.  When the announcer starts saying names, my name is like the third one (hint, it’s “Anne”)  HA!!  And I cross the finish line around 2:59:20.  Pink shirt, black pants, skirt.  Then in the second is right after going through the castle.  I’m the one who stops and decides to wait in line for a picture! 

Then there are the pictures:


That one that I waited for in front of the castle.  That grimace after going under Spaceship Earth.  I was so ready to be finished by that point.  The big smile with my medal.  Oh, and the “Wait, are we taking a picutre?” with Meeko.

Speaking of princesses, who watches the Real Housewives series? (hangs head in shame, just started getting sucked into Atlanta . . it’s the last hold out for me). Check out this clip from SNL over the weekend:  The Real Housewives of Disney

So of course everyone’s question is, what’s next?

Well first, I’m running a 15K on March 18th in Cincinnati.  Then, I’m trying to figure out how to run another half marathon before the end of the year.  The logistics of finding one in a place that I am or want to go along with other plans for the year is a big difficult.  If I wasn’t in a wedding the weekend after, I’d seriously consider doing the Flying Pig.  It’s supposed to be a great hometown race, even better since it’s MY hometown!  Alas, the timing isn’t great.  Maybe another year.  So now I’m looking at some this fall.  Maybe the Chicago Half Marathon or the Air Force Half Marathon at Wright-Patt (my cousin is running her first half at this one.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I feel that I’ve been spoiled with running Disney first.  I just want a fun-ish, flat race, where I can run a bit faster, but not be the last person over the finish line.

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