Kettlebell Pinterest

Oh, Pinterest.  It’s an incredible resource.  Men just don’t understand.

A few weeks ago I went searching for some more kettlebell workouts.  I’ve been really good at continuing my “ritual” of doing some kettlebells while watching “The Biggest Loser”.   I mean, I see them working out, why should I do it, too?  So I went to my fitness board on Pinterest to switch things up.

4 Kettlebell Full Body Moves from Women’s Health Magazine

Phew!  I was sweating by the end.  I topped it off with 3 one minute planks.  Gotta get those abs back in shape!

On another note, let’s talk about one of my favorite activities: SLEEPING!

So, a friend of mine recommended the app called “Sleep Cycle”.  You place your iPhone on your bed near your pillow, and the accelerometer in the phone tracks motion.  The less you move, the more likely that you are in deep sleep.  You can either just use it for statistics, or use it as an alarm.  You give it a window of when you’d like to wake up, and it waits until you’re lightly sleeping to wake up.  I tried to do that last night, but it might not have worked.  I’ll try again tonight.

What did my phone capture?  My Yeti nightmare!  I had a dream that I was on the phone with someone, when they screamed “OH NO! HERE COMES A YETI!”  Then all I heard was growling noises, and I knew that my friend had been eaten.  I woke up, but the growling noise wouldn’t stop.  I was scared until I realized that the “growling” was actually Matt (who has a cold) snoring.  I pushed him to make him shift and stop snoring.

Anyway, here’s my stats from sleeping last night:


You can see my Yeti dream waking me up at 6am.  I’m interested to see how it works tonight!

Do you remember your dreams?  Any fun kettlebell workouts?  Are you also obsessed with Pinterest?  Follow me and I’ll follow you!

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  1. I’ve been really wanting to try kettlebell workouts. You just reminded me, that I’m obviously missing out, lol.

    Pinterest is the best and no…of course the men don’t understand. ;)

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