Purdue Alumni in Boston

Tonight we attended a Purdue Alumni Association event by going to the Celtics vs. Magic game.  After the game, there was a meet and greet with the Purdue Alumni.  And I mean ALL of the Purdue alumni in Boston!

(hint hint . . . JaJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore)

A while back, Matt and I discussed going to a Celtics game.  When I received an e-mail from the PAA about this opportunity, I couldn’t click fast enough!  We sat way up in the nose bleeds of the TD Banknorth Garden (or is it the Gaaaa-den?).

While JaJuan has seen more playing time, he actually never got on the floor against the Magic.  However, Rajon Rondo was out, so E’Twaun got to go be a back up point guard!  Here are a few of my pics of him on the floor (he’s number 55):



JaJuan is actually sitting all the way on the right of the bench.

After the game (which the Celtics won!), we got to do the meet and greet.  Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to do autographs.  I don’t think they understand the disappointment felt by my BFF, Kathleen.  I was going to surprise her with a signed pennant (since they don’t have any programs due to the lock-out.  Yeah figure that out.)  Anyways, it was fun chatting with these guys.  They’re so down to earth.




JaJuan first said he had a question for us:  “Are you guys Patriots fans?”  We all laughed and said “HELL NO!” In case you didn’t know, Purdue is an hour from Indianapolis, so we’re mostly Colts fans (thus the Pats hatred).

Here are a few other highlights:

  • What’s the best part about the NBA?
    • JJ:  The way they treat you.  We get to ride in private jets and stay at fancy hotels. It’s pretty sweet.
  • What do you want to do the most in Boston?
    • EM: Go shopping!
  • What the Tippecanoe Mall wasn’t good enough?
    • EM: chuckles (everyone chuckled)
  • Do you guys get to talk to Matt Painter often?
    • EM: Yup, I just spoke to him a few days ago.
  • Does he still call you “Smooge”?
    • EM: Yeah.
  • Who have you met in the NBA that made you the most starstruck?
    • JJ:  Probably our teammates.  The first few days our mouths were just open.  We couldn’t believe we were playing with these guys.
  • Is Kevin Garnett as crazy in practice as he is on the court?
    • JJ:  He’s very detail oriented.  These guys are very professional and work really hard.

I also asked them if they’ve told Doc Rivers to draft Robbie.  They laughed and said that it would be really cool.  They both said that they’re happy for Robbie and hope he gets drafted and does well in the NBA.

I also learned that JJ and E’Twaun live in the same town that I work.  On the way home, we joked that I should go sit outside the grocery stores of the town and wait for them.  “Oh . . . look, I just happen to have this Celtics pennant.  No I haven’t been waiting here for 8 hours!!”  I think in the picture below I almost look like Creepy McCreeperson.


Hee heee . . . I will fiiiiind yoooooooooouuuuuu

After the meet and greet, we did a few Boiler Ups, which naturally lead into a singing of the fight song!  SCHOOL SPIRIT!! YEAH!  There were some Duke alumni down there as well to meet JJ Redick and Chris Duhon of the Orlando Magic.  There was no singing or cheering over there!

It was pretty awesome to meet these guys.  I only wish that I had figured out how to do a video on Matt’s camera BEFORE it was over.  Oh well.


(P.S.  Anyone else notice that the seats of the Garden and black and gold?  I think it’s for Purdue.  Although it could be for the Bruins . . . .)

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  1. Okay did you go to Purdue? I love that you got to see some of the old Purdue basketball team! I just found your blog and I’m an alumni, too! BOILER UP!

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